Occasionally we get an email from someone who wants to “educate” us on what we’ve gotten wrong about beating Blackjack. First read the email and then we’ll talk about takeaways. The Email: Look guys, I like your site, but I gotta call a little bit of bullshit. First off, if you are making that much […]

by JCnote So I was playing at a casino yesterday and I was up a decent amount. The casino had been on to me for the last 20 or 30 minutes because they started dicking me with horrible pen. It was funny, I actually heard the pit boss walk by my dealer and said, “why […]

by “Joe748″ I wanted to share with you guys my personal outlook and advice based on my first 1,000 hours of card counting. First and foremost I am very much up for my 1,000 hours & my hourly rate is fairly close to my EV. The Lifestyle:  In order to make a living off blackjack […]

We just finished another Bootcamp Weekend in Las Vegas. Ben and I recorded a recap of what went down… Check it out!  

Bootcamp Recap – Jan 2015

January 29th, 2015

Last weekend Blackjack Bootcamp #12 turned out yet another group of future card counting heroes from a secret location in Las Vegas. Well, we won’t say they are heroes just yet, but let’s say they went away happy, tired, and well-educated in beating the casinos. The sky is the limit. The Bootcamp saw a well-rounded […]

by “levimich” So a couple nights ago, I drove 3 hours up north to play at a casino I’d been to a few times. 6D games with only 1 deck cut off, H17, but all other rules are favorable and includes LS. Apparently higher stakes tables are S17. It’s a small casino though so there’s […]

by “vexbasque” I seem to be coming up with different interpretations of life now that I am an AP. Seeing the world without rose-colored glasses creates a more accurate perspective on how the man-behind-the-curtain operates and sharing that perspective with BJA gives me a chance to express my views (accepted or not) and to make […]

by “va_bj” I walked into a casino (many, many months ago) intending to sit down and play a few 6D shoes of a good game of BJ. This place had both a good 2D and 6D. I generally prefer to play 2D heads up with the dealer but normally the tables are full. The Hare, […]

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing BJA member “Bubba” on his blackjack journey. Here are the questions we asked him and his responses. 1. How did you get into card counting? I came across the documentary one night before going to bed, at first it sounded too good to be true. The scene came […]

by “Hita7″ Recently I was involved in an incident at a place where I had been BO (backed-off) before. I have never played rated there, and to their credit, I am extremely surprised at how fast they were on to me (I’m talking literally single-digit minutes!), even after not being there for a few months […]