Playing with Celebrities

March 25th, 2015

I was playing at the Bellagio one night over a Labor Day weekend.  I was playing a table that I had just wonged into, right next to the casino services office.  A large and intimidating dude stood by the door, which was only a few feet from the table I was playing at.  At first, I […]

If you’re just starting out learning blackjack it can get a little overwhelming knowing what you’re going to need to hone your skill at home. We want to take the guesswork out of it for you, so before you go unload a bunch of coin decking out a slick home practice setup, read this list […]

Workin’ their Rules

March 18th, 2015

by AboutEven It’s a Thursday and I’m at the local casino. The $15 tables are all packed with people, and I want to get home by my bedtime, so I decide to suck up the extra risk of ruin and play with green chips. Halfway into the first shoe, the RC goes up to +10, the […]

by Loudon Often I was at Cadillac Island (or Ranch, depending on which signage you are looking at), in Longview, Washington, made famous in my last visit by the prostitute who first convinced the dealer to pay my losing hand, then demanded I pay her $20 for the privilege, followed by threats of telling the […]

We recently had the pleasure of asking one of our Bootcamp Alums, “rbcausing,” about his blackjack journey. He had some great nuggets of wisdom to share with the community so without further adieu, here are his answers to our questions:   How did you get into card counting? My buddy and I have always sought to […]

By Loudon Often Welcome to Cadillac Ranch Casino in Longview, Washington. It’s not much like a ranch in here. Maybe more like a tool-shed on a Ranch; a tool-shed downwind from the outhouse. The casino is, however, quite like the Cadillacs in this town; they both are similar in size (pool hall in the trunk), […]

While in Vegas for our last Bootcamp, Ben and I (and a few card counter friends) attended this year’s Blackjack Ball. Ben and I recorded a recap of what went down… Check it out!  

We get a lot of emails from people who just watched the Holy Rollers documentary, which tells the true story of the blackjack team we ran for several years. Naturally we get asked the question, “Do you guys still play and can I join your team?” The Church Team officially disbanded at the end of 2011. […]

Occasionally we get an email from someone who wants to “educate” us on what we’ve gotten wrong about beating Blackjack. First read the email and then we’ll talk about takeaways. The Email: Look guys, I like your site, but I gotta call a little bit of bullshit. First off, if you are making that much […]

by JCnote So I was playing at a casino yesterday and I was up a decent amount. The casino had been on to me for the last 20 or 30 minutes because they started dicking me with horrible pen. It was funny, I actually heard the pit boss walk by my dealer and said, “why […]