“Colin, can I count cards at one of those live dealer online blackjack games?” I get asked this question nearly ever week. To answer the question, let me first explain the conditions needed to beat blackjack with card counting: Rules that give the casino a small enough house edge that card counting can be effective. If the blackjack […]

BJA Pro “The Phoenix” spills the beans on the side bet that made him $300,000 in 10 months! In this interview we discuss: What “The Phoenix” has been doing since reaching his financial goals What led up to discovering the side bet that netted him $300k How he nearly walked away from the game The unique […]

by “Ultimate” After my 300 hour card counting adventure in the US, I took a break back at home. But then I continued the path and played in Europe and finally finishing in Bahamas. It all starts with some changes compared to playing in the US: Different rules (ENHC), I always have to show ID […]

by “JCnote” It was a typical Friday night (or Saturday, who knows) and I was on the prowl for a game to play. I had selected a table to play but the shoe was not over, so I was standing behind the table, watching the game. I hadn’t played a hand at this casino yet […]

If you’ve spent any time on the BJA Forum, you likely know who JCnote is. He’s our Forum admin, a regular Bootcamp Pro and guest speaker, and he has been a professional AP for most of the last 6 years. JCnote sat down with me to talk about: His journey into card counting and other […]

by “jcrox111” Not really, it was a casino, and it was awesome. If you guys get a chance to go on trips together I would say go for it.  This past weekend we had 4 of us BJA guys in the same casino. It was just a lot of fun, I saw my highest count in […]

by “clwdq” I was playing the other day at a local casino. They only had 3 Tables open at the time. My table was just me and one other player. This young kid (probably 21 to 22) sat next to me. First off I look down and notice he is wearing flip-flops. Normally no big deal […]

At our most recent Blackjack Bootcamp, I sat down with BJA Pros “JCnote,” “Loudon Ofton,” “Levimich,” and “Spartan.” In this Member’s Only Podcast we discuss: Planning an extended road trip Money Security in cars and on road trips Money Security in Airports What to do if you’re feeling unsafe in a casino Favorite Backoff Stories and […]

by “gus45” Playing last night at a dingy card room here in the Seattle area, I was Wonging in and out for a few hours. A mid-50s dad with an IPA and a buzz sits down to play—think Bryan Cranston’s character from Malcolm in the Middle. He immediately fixates on me for some reason. While […]

I recently sat down with BJA Member and successful card counter, “HitA7.” HitA7 has become a friend over the past few years, and if you ever meet him (either one-on-one or at a Bootcamp), you’ll quickly learn that he’s not only a good card counter, he’s a really great guy. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy hearing […]