The Basic Strategy Song

July 2nd, 2015

Our staff writer, fellow card counter, and good friend, David, aka “Loudon Ofton,” wrote this song to help you memorize Basic Strategy. Heck, we just listen to it for fun! Here’s the video, then feel free to listen to just the song below.    

by “captain jack” So I managed to wait two weeks after attending bootcamp to take my learning to the real tables. During the two weeks I continued to focus on my weakest area’s as a fairly new counter, drilling down deeper on true count/deck estimation and the deviations. I have to share that I felt […]

by “tjnich04″ So I thought that I had found a casino with zero heat. I was almost right. On a Friday night I go back to hit up their double deck like I had been doing over and over. I keep a chip inventory from this casino, but the inventory was way higher than normal […]

We recently hung out in Las Vegas with American Casino Guide creator, Steve Bourie. His son attended our Blackjack Bootcamp, and we wanted to sit down with Steve and discuss the American Casino Guide, his goal if visiting every casino in the country, and using Video Poker to his advantage (he’s being modest about his […]

by “mrwills” Was playing a final table last night…was doing pretty good and had about 4-5 shoes in a row that went up to TC6. New dealer comes in, she looks familiar from a different casino chain, but I don’t say anything. Finally she says “So, taking a break from so n’ so casino?” “I […]

by “tjnich04″ Ok, so I’m playing a DD game. I’ve been to this casino many times with no heat yet and have taken about 20k from these guys. Apparently they are low heat. So I’m playing with this dealer heads up for an hour or more. We are flying through hands. We start talking and […]

by “mrwills” Well one of my lasts posts was a few weeks back when variance was kicking me in the ass. Cut my profit by about 50%…really sucked (good shoes were slaughtering me!) However, sticking to it is what we’ve gotta do right? I started back counting more heavily and hardly have played anything lower […]

by “JCnote”   Thought I’d share a ploppy story. A couple weeks ago I was playing blackjack with some ploppies that were pretty horrible at the game. Here’s how horrible… The dealer dealt everyone their cards and then accidentally deals his second card face up instead of face down. So everyone has their first two […]

We had the opportunity to ask BJA member “The Phoenix” about his blackjack journey. He’s been to a couple bootcamps, played on a larger scale team, and won a good amount of money from card counting. It’s probably the most cryptic interview we have, so the answers are short, but hopefully you still learn from and […]

by “Hita7″ I was recently in a session heads-up with the dealer where I was losing my a$s, by the standards of this rather ‘low rolling’ joint. I was in about $1,200 and kept pulling Benjamins out of my pocket. The dealer then said in a very sincerely concearned voice, “c’mon man, don’t, please don’t […]