While in Las Vegas last month for a Blackjack Bootcamp, I was able to sit down with BJA Pros “JCnote,” “Spartan,” and “Levimich” to discuss going pro. In this Member’s Only podcast, we cover: Training to the pro level The finances of being a full-time AP Bankroll and risk of ruin considerations Traveling What we […]

by “pingpong” Something pretty crazy happened last night while I was doing hit and runs in the Palm Springs area. I had a pretty good take at the spot next door and I pulled up to one of my favorite shops. I pulled into the parking garage and I saw a car with the engine […]

by “Sharkgod” I had a fantastic time at the bootcamp and came away a much more thoughtful and prepared player. Moving from KO to Hi/Lo, I was anxious to have my skills rated. The practice at the tables and the test out highlighted my strengths and weaknesses and have given me a roadmap on what […]

In my most recent trip to Las Vegas, Bob Dancer was kind enough to sit down with me for a podcast interview. For those who don’t know who Bob Dancer is, he’s a professional video poker player, author of “Million Dollar Video Poker” and several other books (primarily about video poker), and co-host of the amazing […]

by “blackvypre” I’ve enjoyed playing a particular card house for a long time; beginning around January 1, 2016. Yesterday, I walked in and was met with a nice conversation with a Shift Manager. Manager: “I suppose you’re been expecting this?” Me: “No more Blackjack?” (Man you got to love such a casual backoff!) Apparently, he […]

Card counters beat blackjack by varying their bets and by changing our playing decisions when the count warrants it. But how important are these playing deviations? Some people claim they don’t need playing deviations, and others are simply intimidated to learn them. So in this video, Colin breaks down the value of the playing deviations to […]

I was able to sit down recently with professional card counters, Spartan and levimich. They have been members of the BJA community for a while, they proved their skills at a Bootcamp, and they have since become friends, even coming to help train others at our Blackjack Bootcamps. In this Podcast we discuss: How each of them […]

by “Sharkgod” I’m fairly new to advantage play with a relatively small bankroll. As a consequence, it is imperative that I Wong in and out as much as possible, which the casinos watch and don’t like. This week, with the eclipse, I struck on a once in a lifetime way to Wong without drawing any […]

by “SD1” So many of you may have read my battle stories. I am happy to report that math does indeed work. In my first 200 hours I saw a lot of chop and a couple of big lows. Variance did not decide to bless me until my last 20-30 hours but when it did… […]

by “Spartan” I’m a fast player. When I tested at the boot camp with Colin, I didn’t make a mistake. I placed my bets and made my decisions almost carelessly and without hesitation. I really wasn’t there to validate my skill. I knew my skill. I was there to show off. I thought I impressed […]