by “JCnote”   Thought I’d share a ploppy story. A couple weeks ago I was playing blackjack with some ploppies that were pretty horrible at the game. Here’s how horrible… The dealer dealt everyone their cards and then accidentally deals his second card face up instead of face down. So everyone has their first two […]

We had the opportunity to ask BJA member “The Phoenix” about his blackjack journey. He’s been to a couple bootcamps, played on a larger scale team, and won a good amount of money from card counting. It’s probably the most cryptic interview we have, so the answers are short, but hopefully you still learn from and […]

by “Hita7″ I was recently in a session heads-up with the dealer where I was losing my a$s, by the standards of this rather ‘low rolling’ joint. I was in about $1,200 and kept pulling Benjamins out of my pocket. The dealer then said in a very sincerely concearned voice, “c’mon man, don’t, please don’t […]

I had a PB calling me a counter basically trying to get it out of me that I was after he had watched how fast and good my game was. I played really dumb and he basically ended up telling me to download an app on my iPhone to give me a good idea how. […]

Many blackjack players live in fear of “The Griffin Book” and other databases that offer similar “counter catcher” information, like the Oregon Surveillance Network and Biometrica. But what is the Griffin Book, and should we really be afraid of it?

By Joe748 Hey guys I wanted to share this list with you and see if you guys can add to it with your experiences. I’ve talked to a lot of casino personnel about my play & behavior to get some insight on what their thought process is. From floor supervisors, table games managers, surveillance, and […]

by going2beat21 There I am in the middle of the night back counting some blackjack tables. I’m down but its seems to be any ordinary night at this casino. I go into this pit with some higher limits and start back counting. After awhile a sharp pit boss takes notice that I am hovering in […]

We had the opportunity to ask BJA member mark_k about his blackjack journey. These are the questions we asked him and his responses. Enjoy! How did you get into card counting? I listened to a radio program on “This American Life” about blackjack that featured “The church team”. After listening to the program I searched […]

by JCnote I was playing at a local casino on a Friday night and for most of the night I sat next to a guy that played the worst game I’d ever seen. He was only playing 5 dollars a hand, but he was SWEATING it! He would stand on all stiff hands. Yep you […]

by Joe748 I’ve been playing in a city that is notoriously sweaty with a lot of single deck. Some of them have a 5x original bet rule that will trigger a shuffle. SO in order to make this work in our favor I tried something out tonight that might help some of you guys work […]