By Joe748 Hey guys I wanted to share this list with you and see if you guys can add to it with your experiences. I’ve talked to a lot of casino personnel about my play & behavior to get some insight on what their thought process is. From floor supervisors, table games managers, surveillance, and […]

by going2beat21 There I am in the middle of the night back counting some blackjack tables. I’m down but its seems to be any ordinary night at this casino. I go into this pit with some higher limits and start back counting. After awhile a sharp pit boss takes notice that I am hovering in […]

We had the opportunity to ask BJA member mark_k about his blackjack journey. These are the questions we asked him and his responses. Enjoy! How did you get into card counting? I listened to a radio program on “This American Life” about blackjack that featured “The church team”. After listening to the program I searched […]

by JCnote I was playing at a local casino on a Friday night and for most of the night I sat next to a guy that played the worst game I’d ever seen. He was only playing 5 dollars a hand, but he was SWEATING it! He would stand on all stiff hands. Yep you […]

by Joe748 I’ve been playing in a city that is notoriously sweaty with a lot of single deck. Some of them have a 5x original bet rule that will trigger a shuffle. SO in order to make this work in our favor I tried something out tonight that might help some of you guys work […]

If you’re a card counter you’re going to end up in Vegas. For 10 years I went from airport, to casino, to casino, to another crappy casino, back to the airport. I didn’t explore outside of this narrow target because I thought I was wasting my time and I didn’t know where to go. Well, […]

I was playing at the Bellagio one night over a Labor Day weekend.  I was playing a table that I had just wonged into, right next to the casino services office.  A large and intimidating dude stood by the door, which was only a few feet from the table I was playing at.  At first, I […]

If you’re just starting out learning blackjack it can get a little overwhelming knowing what you’re going to need to hone your skill at home. We want to take the guesswork out of it for you, so before you go unload a bunch of coin decking out a slick home practice setup, read this list […]

by AboutEven It’s a Thursday and I’m at the local casino. The $15 tables are all packed with people, and I want to get home by my bedtime, so I decide to suck up the extra risk of ruin and play with green chips. Halfway into the first shoe, the RC goes up to +10, the […]

by Loudon Often I was at Cadillac Island (or Ranch, depending on which signage you are looking at), in Longview, Washington, made famous in my last visit by the prostitute who first convinced the dealer to pay my losing hand, then demanded I pay her $20 for the privilege, followed by threats of telling the […]