by “BJAvengers” This past weekend I was out of town where they had a very nice game…it was $25 min…so this would be my first time playing at a green chip table…but CVCX showed I could play with a tolerable RoR and still put out a nice spread. The first night I only logged about […]

Last time we were in Las Vegas, Ben and I sat down with BJA member and high stakes card counter, “Joe748″. Find out what he has to share with the card counting community!  

by “Levimich” There’s a small casino in the absolute middle of nowhere that I started frequenting once every week or two, about 4.5 hours away. One day I drove 3.5 hours to a casino to play and was met with terrible playing conditions, so I figured I’d drive another hour north to this next casino […]

by “hail2pitt” I was playing yesterday, and not really getting crushed, but as the count rose, the blackjacks fell to the other players while I’m getting 14-16 and busting all over the place. You know it’s bad when the ploppies at the table are pleading with the dealer to “deal this man a blackjack, will […]

by “tjnich04″ So I’m at my home casino, where I have been banned from playing blackjack but can play any other game, and I’m playing poker. Game is somewhat boring, so I take my phone out and start to surf this forum and also get on a blackjack app I have. I’m on this app […]

by “tjnich04″ I was playing a shoe game with intentions on spreading up to 2×1000. I get to the casino, sit down, buy in for 1500 (actually colored down three purple) and put out 2×25. I’m playing with two other players. After about three deals it hits true 1. I bet 2×200. Dealer mutters “black […]

by hail2pitt Was playing tonight and it started off with an interesting feel. Wonged into a shoe and got change for blacks. Pit boss comes over and asks if I’m using a players card and I say no. He instantly goes over to the phone, says I bought in for x and continued to watch. […]

by “BJAvengers” 2 weeks back the BR had officially become 3x what i had started with, so i hit CVCX and redid some calculations and came up with a spread i was comfortable with. The first time i tested it out, it was during a free stay at a local place, and the stay ended […]