by “PokerPro04″ So I’m playing blackjack, sitting there with all these numbers running through my head: running count, true count, next bet, etc. I get a 19 vs dealer 6. The count is at 0 so it’s a min bet. Dealer goes 6, 3 2 5. At this point, he is clearly not good with […]

by “va_bj” So here’s the story (believe it or not, different than what I posted earlier). I’m out with the family at a casino. Mainly there for them to play slots. But I just can’t sit in front of those one arm bandit’s and feed it money all night. So I make my escape to the table […]

by “PokerPro04″ Let me set the scene… This casino (W) used to have a double deck game, H17 50%pen but with surrender. Heat here is about as low as heat can be. Their shoe games are 8D S17 DAS Sur about 2 decks cut so 75%. Meh I hit their double deck hard one night […]

By David “Loudon Ofton” Drury When you push your money into the blackjack circle and faced off against a dealer, you are playing the best odds in the house. You can even turn the advantage to your favor. But not so fast. If you thought it was merely the cards you were battling, you have […]

by “BJAvengers” This past weekend I was out of town where they had a very nice game…it was $25 min…so this would be my first time playing at a green chip table…but CVCX showed I could play with a tolerable RoR and still put out a nice spread. The first night I only logged about […]

Last time we were in Las Vegas, Ben and I sat down with BJA member and high stakes card counter, “Joe748″. Find out what he has to share with the card counting community!  

by “Levimich” There’s a small casino in the absolute middle of nowhere that I started frequenting once every week or two, about 4.5 hours away. One day I drove 3.5 hours to a casino to play and was met with terrible playing conditions, so I figured I’d drive another hour north to this next casino […]

by “hail2pitt” I was playing yesterday, and not really getting crushed, but as the count rose, the blackjacks fell to the other players while I’m getting 14-16 and busting all over the place. You know it’s bad when the ploppies at the table are pleading with the dealer to “deal this man a blackjack, will […]

by “tjnich04″ So I’m at my home casino, where I have been banned from playing blackjack but can play any other game, and I’m playing poker. Game is somewhat boring, so I take my phone out and start to surf this forum and also get on a blackjack app I have. I’m on this app […]