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Colin and Ben have been counting cards for over 10 years. It quickly transformed from a hobby to a profession when they teamed up, going on to run a multi-million dollar blackjack team.

Blackjack Apprenticeship exists to provide the best training, community and resources online. Whether it's a hobby or a source of income, the Pros at Blackjack Apprenticeship are here to help others master the craft of card counting.

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    by “Hita7″ Recently I was involved in an incident at a place where I had been BO (backed-off) before. I have never played rated there, and to their credit, I am extremely surprised at how fast they were on to me (I’m talking literally single-digit minutes!), even after not being there for a few months […] Read More »

  • What Bootcamp Grads Said about the Blackjack Bootcamp - Dec. 10, 2014

    Hey fellow card counter! The first sentance of our Mission Statement is “Blackjack Apprenticeship exists to educate and empower people to make wise decisions with their money.” That means Ben and I have to be really honest about our Blackjack Bootcamps. Are they a wise use of someone’s money, or are we selling people short? To […] Read More »

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