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Holy Rollers Documentary

This award-winning feature length documentary follows the Blackjack card counting team started and managed by Colin.

Plot Summary

Holy Rollers follows the rise of the Church Team, arguably the largest and most well funded blackjack team in America. No one expected a group of Christians to be in the business of card counting. In their short existence, they take millions from casinos. In spite of the team’s phenomenal success, many team members deal with the personal conflict of how to be a Christian and count cards for a living. When the team goes on a losing streak, questions start being raised as to whether someone might be stealing. Is it possible? Of course. but do they trust their teammates? Absolutely. Maybe.

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In the Press

The movie has a unique hook…Definitely worth a roll of the dice for your time.” 

— IndieWire Review

Featuring all the tension and intrigue of a hollywood thriller.

— The Seattle International Film Festival

Grabs it’s audience and doesn’t let go…Holy Rollers is a winner.

— Moving Pictures Network

Skillful and thought provoking…a candid, unexpectedly absorbing view of smart, sincere people.

— Michael Medved Review

Interesting, provacative and downright weird.

— Raindance – 10 Films to See


— Max Rubin (Founder of the Blackjack Hall of Fame)

What Rounders did for poker, Holy Rollers is going to do for blackjack.

— Blackjack Champ

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