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8 Reasons to Practice Card Counting on our App

At our most recent Bootcamp, I was talking with an attendee who was back for his second Bootcamp. His game has come a long way since the first time I met him, and he mentioned how he had been using one of the must under-rated training tools we offer: our [...]

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Profile of a Card Counter: BJA Member “levimich”

We had the opportunity to ask BJA member “levimich” about his blackjack journey. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him in person, and he will be attending our upcoming Blackjack Bootcamp. But before we get to the interview, I wanted to share with you what levimich’s teammate had to say about him:

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Bootcamp Survey Results and Feedback

If you’re interested in beating casinos at blackjack, the highest level of training is going to be an immersive, hands on experience. And that’s exactly what our Blackjack Bootcamp is. But is it worth the cost? We’ve always wanted to be completely transparent (which can be rare in the casino/gambling […]

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Interview with Philip Reed, Author of “Wild Cards”

Just this month, author Philip Reed published his latest book, "Wild Cards: A Year Counting Cards With a Professional Blackjack Player, a Priest, and a $30,000 Bankroll." It chronicles his introduction to card counting by an ex-MIT team member, his struggles with mastering card counting, and the philosophical lessons learned [...]

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Profile of a Card Counter: BJA Member “The Phoenix”

We had the opportunity to ask BJA member “The Phoenix” about his blackjack journey. He’s been to a couple bootcamps, played on a larger scale team, and won a good amount of money from card counting. It’s probably the most cryptic interview we have, so the answers are short, but hopefully […]

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The Griffin Book

Many blackjack players live in fear of “The Griffin Book” and other databases that offer similar “counter catcher” information, like the Oregon Surveillance Network and Biometrica. But what is the Griffin Book, and should we really be afraid of it?

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Profile of a Card Counter: BJA Member “mark_k”

We had the opportunity to ask BJA member mark_k about his blackjack journey. These are the questions we asked him and his responses. Enjoy! 1. How did you get into card counting? I listened to a radio program on "This American Life" about blackjack that featured "The church team". After [...]

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What You Need For Blackjack Training

If you’re just starting out learning blackjack it can get a little overwhelming knowing what you’re going to need to hone your skill at home. We want to take the guesswork out of it for you, so before you go unload a bunch of coin decking out a slick home [...]

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Profile of a Card Counter: BJA Member “SmurfAP”

We recently had the pleasure of asking one of our Bootcamp Alums, “SmurfAP,” about his blackjack journey. He had some great nuggets of wisdom to share with the community so without further adieu, here are his answers to our questions: 1. How did you get into card counting? My buddy and […]

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How to Start a Blackjack Team

We get a lot of emails from people who just watched the Holy Rollers documentary, which tells the true story of the blackjack team we ran for several years. Naturally we get asked the question, “Do you guys still play and can I join your team?” The Church Team officially disbanded […]

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