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The Path to the first $100k

I love reading stories about the card counting heroes who came before us. I feel like it connects me to a greater story than my own. And honestly, some of the things people like John Chang, Ian Andersen, and Tommy Hyland have accomplished is truly inspiring. But that was then… […]

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A Card Counter’s Guide to Betting at Blackjack

Knowing exactly what to bet is crucial to your success as a card counter. You could have perfect skills, but if you don't have a bet spread that maximizes EV and minimizes your risk, you threaten your ability to beat the casino. Over-betting One common mistake I see with new card [...]

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Members-Only “Blackjack Trips” Roundtable Discussion

While in Las Vegas for our most recent Blackjack Bootcamp, I was able to sit down with BJA Pros “Joe748,” “Spartan,” and “Levimich” to discuss how to plan a successful blackjack trip. In this Member’s Only podcast, we cover: Planning a trip How to keep trip expenses low Favorite travel […]

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Profile of a Card Counter: BJA Member “Ryemo”

I had the pleasure of meeting “Ryemo” while I was in Las Vegas for a recent Blackjack Bootcamp. He wasn’t attending the Bootcamp, but happened to be in town for a blackjack trip and was friends with several of the BJA Pros who were helping with the Bootcamp that weekend. He’s […]

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Members-Only “Going Pro” Roundtable Discussion

While in Las Vegas last month for a Blackjack Bootcamp, I was able to sit down with BJA Pros “JCnote,” “Spartan,” and “Levimich” to discuss going pro. In this Member’s Only podcast, we cover: Training to the pro level The finances of being a full-time AP Bankroll and risk of […]

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Podcast Interview with Bob Dancer

In my most recent trip to Las Vegas, Bob Dancer was kind enough to sit down with me for a podcast interview. For those who don’t know who Bob Dancer is, he’s a professional video poker player, author of “Million Dollar Video Poker” and several other books (primarily about video poker), […]

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How Important are Playing Deviations?

Card counters beat blackjack by varying their bets and by changing our playing decisions when the count warrants it. But how important are these playing deviations? Some people claim they don’t need playing deviations, and others are simply intimidated to learn them. So in this video, Colin breaks down the value […]

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Podcast Interview with BJA Members “Spartan” and “levimich”

I was able to sit down recently with professional card counters, Spartan and levimich. They have been members of the BJA community for a while, they proved their skills at a Bootcamp, and they have since become friends, even coming to help train others at our Blackjack Bootcamps. In this Podcast we […]

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Is Card Counting Illegal?

5 Things you should know about the legality of Card Counting:  Card Counting is NOT illegal nor is it cheating. Card counting is simply using your brain.  YES, casinos can ask you to stop playing.  Card counters play the game exactly how the casino offers it.  You can make REAL [...]

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Podcast Interview with BJA Member “Ultimate”

If you don’t know who “Ultimate” is, you need to check out the story of his epic 300 hour card counting adventure in the US. Well, I had an opportunity to interview Ultimate to dive deeper into his story. In this Podcast we discuss: How he went from home gambling nights with his […]

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