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Blackjack Apprenticeship — Card-Counting Community & Resources

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The Best Way to Learn How to Count Cards. Period.

The BJA Pros have taken millions from casinos themselves, and have trained an army of successful card counters. Ben and Colin will walk you through the same comprehensive training they give to those that play for them.

"I thought I knew a lot about blackjack. I had my “system.” But then I met Colin and Ben and I was blown away about how much I really didn’t know about the game. Their training turned me from a gambler to an investor. With their help I lived off of my blackjack income alone for 3.5 years! That opened up new doors and the money to take a risk on other business ventures." – BC

Sample Video — Intro to the Course

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The Video Course

Section 1 - Card Counting Concepts

Section 2 - Understanding the Game

Section 3 - The Importance of Rules

Section 4 - Beating Blackjack: Basic Strategy

Section 5 - Beating Blackjack: Card Counting

Section 6 - Beating Blackjack: Deviations

Section 7 - Beyond the Basics

Section 8 - Beyond the Basics - General

Section 9 - Advanced Blackjack - Cover and Team Play

Section 10 - Advanced Blackjack Play - Casino Relations

Section 11 - Advanced Blackjack Play - Beating the Game

Join a Community of Card Counters

Gain Access to the Pros

Have your questions answered by trusted authorities. There is a huge amount of information out there. Some of it is very good, but a lot of it is not. With a full staff of BJA Elite Professionals, however, you can rest assured that you will get the RIGHT answers. Become a card counting master by learning from the RIGHT people.
"The forum is an invaluable resource that I consistently use to improve my game. It is...a great place to get all of your blackjack questions answered. It is a community where the members want to help each other improve their game." - Stephan

Network with other Card Counters

No card counter wants to be on an island. If you talk to any of the top pros, they’ll all tell you they wouldn’t have the success they’ve enjoyed without being networked with others. We all have unique strengths and gifts and much of the success of card counting teams is from training together, working together, and learning from each other. Find like minded people to build relationships with, train with, and start a team with.

Join the Conversation and Find Inspiration

Card counters are a strange breed. We look at things analytically, searching for EV everywhere we go. Your significant other, co-workers will se things differently. Your dog may not understand you. Find community with the people who do. Share training tips, game tactics, and swap war stories with a community of people who know exactly what you mean when you tell them about that one time you split 10’s four times against a 5. With hundreds of premium members, the BJA forum is the place for advantage play conversations.

This is the Most Valuable Place for Card Counters to Share Information about Casinos.

Create a Plan of Attack

The difference between a failed trip and a successful one has to do with the information you have before you start playing. Knowing the rules, limits, number of tables, and penetration, and tolerance of a casino before you leave your home is the first step to succeeding in multiple environments.

Knowledge is Power (in real time)

Not all casinos are created equal, and conditions are constantly changing. Find out the latest information on what casinos are worth playing cautiously, which are ripe for the picking, and which have the best comps, rooms, and free Elvis paraphernalia.

Fight Back

Casinos have been sharing information for years. We believe the card counting community is stronger together than apart. By leveraging each others’ experiences, we can all have greater success.

More benefits of membership...

Exclusive Podcasts

We publish new podcast episodes every month, interviewing many of the most successful card counters and advantage players of all time. Learn from them, hear their stories, and hear what makes them tick. You’ll also get access to the entire archive of BJA Podcasts.

Bootcamp and Product Discounts

Members recieve $150 off Bootcamps and 10% off ALL BJA products including Training Kits, eBooks, Software, and DVDs. Blackjack Apprenticeship members receive the royal treatment.

Exclusive Premium Content

We take the card counting community seriously. We are constantly looking for ways to add additional training videos, expert interviews, and content to the BJA community. Become a member to gain access to all the BJA Premium Content.

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