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Card Counting Online and Online Gambling

"Colin, can I count cards at one of those live dealer online blackjack games?" I get asked this question nearly every week. To answer the question, let me first explain the conditions needed to beat blackjack with card counting: Rules that give the casino a small enough house edge that card [...]

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Colin’s Guide to Deck Estimation

If you are using a balance count like Hi-Lo, the count we use and teach, then you will have to convert your "Running Count" to the "True Count." The True Count gives you a "count per deck," so you know how to bet and when to use playing deviations. To [...]

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Some Gambling Myths you Should know

Here at Blackjack Apprenticeship, we are not fond of gambling. Sound strange?  Well, it is true. When done right, counting cards is much more of an investment then a gamble because card counting is a repeatable, predictable system based on math and logic. And I know EVERYONE in a casino [...]

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The Path to the first $100k

I love reading stories about the card counting heroes who came before us. I feel like it connects me to a greater story than my own. And honestly, some of the things people like John Chang, Ian Andersen, and Tommy Hyland have accomplished is truly inspiring. But that was then… […]

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A Card Counter’s Guide to Betting at Blackjack

Knowing exactly what to bet is crucial to your success as a card counter. You could have perfect skills, but if you don't have a bet spread that maximizes EV and minimizes your risk, you threaten your ability to beat the casino. Over-betting One common mistake I see with new card [...]

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Profile of a Card Counter: BJA Member “Ryemo”

I had the pleasure of meeting “Ryemo” while I was in Las Vegas for a recent Blackjack Bootcamp. He wasn’t attending the Bootcamp, but happened to be in town for a blackjack trip and was friends with several of the BJA Pros who were helping with the Bootcamp that weekend. He’s […]

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Is Card Counting Illegal?

5 Things you should know about Card Counting: Card counting is NOT cheating. Card counting is simply using your brain, like a winning chess player. Fortunately, using your brain is still perfectly legal in the US! There are a couple reasons why people think card counting is illegal. First off, [...]

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Is this the End of Card Counting?

Does Card Counting still work? Casinos don't want to have the tables turned on them. And that's just what card counting does. So is learning card counting futile? Aren't the casinos just going to change the rules? Isn't the facial recognition software too good to out-smart? Won't the shuffle machines [...]

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BJA Success Story: “68lincoln” Grows Bankroll from $1k to $20k

I absolutely love hearing back from Bootcamp Grads and BJA Members. The sense of excitement and pride I feel in seeing an “Apprentice” take our training and apply it successfully can’t be beat. So I wanted to share with you all this email I received last week from BJA Member “68lincoln” […]

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Profile of a Card Counter: BJA Member “Eddie”

This week we had the opportunity to ask our long-time BJA member, “Eddie”, about his journey as a card counter. He’s been to two Blackjack Apprenticeship Bootcamps and oh yeah, he’s been counting cards for over 30 years—so he might know a thing or two about counting. Please sit back and enjoy Eddie’s story!

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