Colin schooling the noobsHey fellow card counter!

The first sentance of our Mission Statement is “Blackjack Apprenticeship exists to educate and empower people to make wise decisions with their money.

That means Ben and I have to be really honest about our Blackjack Bootcamps. Are they a wise use of someone’s money, or are we selling people short? To answer that question, we send out a survey to every Bootcamp attendee to gather feedback.

Here are two  responses we got (completely un-edited). We thought they were honest reviews that could help you decide if the Bootcamp is right for you!

Hi, my screen name on the BJA site is “Bucky”.

I’m brand new to the game of blackjack as well as the BJA website, and I’m here to say that my blackjack bootcamp experience was great.

I wanna start off by saying that the hosts of the bootcamp were ALL very friendly and laid back, they gave off great vibes. Ben even brought one his daughters along, and even her presence (running around and drawing pictures) contributed to making the whole bootcamp experience not seem tense.

Now, for the price that these guys charge to attend this bootcamp is well worth it. Snacks and hearty dinners were provided. The hotel that they chose for the bootcamp was swanky. The guest speakers gave crucial information about the game of blackjack, they also shared some of their experiences and exploits as card counters, very useful stuff. The presentation that was given about “E.V.”(Expected Value) was definitely the highlight of the whole weekend for me. The presentation really takes you “down the rabbit hole” so to speak, as to what E.V. is and how it works. Learning about E.V. is prevalent if you plan to take playing blackjack seriously. As the attendees played hands of blackjack at the bootcamp, we were laughing, making jokes, and just having a good time. We were also being showed where our weak points lied. (I had quite a few weak points), but I’m glad that they were addressed by professionals. The more we played, the more the pros kept dropping invaluable nuggets of knowledge on us that I doubt you’ll find in any book about blackjack. When I was being evaluated, (in the advanced bootcamp), I realized I didn’t even know “Basic Strategy” as well as I thought I did. (Ouch!) This let me know that I had a lot more practicing to do. In conclusion, I want to say that for anyone who would like to take card counting seriously, this course is worth the trip and the price. But I must warn you, the course in ONLY A GUIDE!!!! If you want to count cards at a professional level, YOU have to put in the hours of STUDYING and TRAINING, these guys just show you the proper way to do so. This course isn’t “Learn How to Card Cards In 3 Easy Steps”, there’s a lot of work involved. Anyway, I received some criticisms from the pros that I’m not taking lightly. With that being said, I’m back to the grindstone working on my game looking forward to being evaluated again.

Thanks again BJA,


Another Bootcamp Grad said this:

The dealing session I did with Colin was very focused. We played quickly and checked ourselves out on a lot of different situations. The sessions with Loudon Often lacked the intensity and focus on training that Colin’s table offered. So I’d suggest that Colin train whoever deals at the other table. It might be useful to employ a second professional at each table to keep the count and to record errors. It also might be good to play a few hands and then stop to make corrections, rather than checking RC and TC all together and announcing correct bets — and correcting plays — as we go.

The best way to know if you’re ready to play this game to make money!
The stories and from Ben, Colin, and other professional players made me understand the way Advantage players have to think. Thanks, guys!

So not everything was perfect for everyone, and we are constantly working to improve the experience, but we hope this is helpful for you to decide if a Blackjack Bootcamp would help you take your card counting game to the next level!

We believe a bootcamp isn’t for everyone. It’s really designed for people who want to take card counting seriously, and actually get what it takes to beat the casinos.  If that’s you, Go here to find out more about our Blackjack Bootcamps!


Finally, here’s the feedback we got from one person who was unimpressed… Ben’s daughter, Eden:

Blackjack Bootcamp Feedback from Eden