by “SD1” So many of you may have read my battle stories. I am happy to report that math does indeed work. In my first 200 hours I saw a lot of chop and a couple of big lows. Variance did not decide to bless me until my last 20-30 hours but when it did… […]

by “Spartan” I’m a fast player. When I tested at the boot camp with Colin, I didn’t make a mistake. I placed my bets and made my decisions almost carelessly and without hesitation. I really wasn’t there to validate my skill. I knew my skill. I was there to show off. I thought I impressed […]

by “AboutEven” I’m playing overseas in a casino where people routinely play behind the player. So a ploppy at the roulette table behind me starts putting bets behind mine. Fine with me. I play my regular game, win a few hands, and he starts raising his bets. Then I get a hard 13 vs. a […]

by “blackvypre” Most of us have or will be at tables where information that is presented as fact is naive, making the informed nod and smile. Early yesterday I was at a table where a young dealer made a couple of comments that made me smile and one where I had to refrain from trying […]

by “brav0” So I’ve taken a break over the last 3 months or so to work on some other time consuming projects, and build the bankroll a bit so I can increase my hourly EV and that. However on a whim, I went in this previous weekend and I forgot how much I missed this […]

Last weekend I was actually in another part of the country, so I decided to make a visit to a casino about 2.5 hours North of where I was staying. Up until then I’ve had a pretty good string of positive variance from my first 40 hours of play so I have been up about […]

by “ahickman2000” So I stuck around Vegas for a few days after the boot camp was over. I managed a back off at one downtown casino within 20 minutes of arrival. I guess they didn’t like my 1-30 spread. After that, I was a little more conservative with my spread at my host casino. I […]

by “jcroxx111” Today I was quickly known as the guy that does not play the beginning of the game on DD pitch, but sometimes jumps in randomly with 2 spots. Most people were cordial with this and did not mind at all. One lady, not so much. I was also playing in her “lucky spot” […]

by “giovyledzep” What would you think if you received an email offering you a job position where it’s promised that every month you will make more money that most people make in a year, working fewer and flexible hours, while enjoying free food, luxurious hotel suites and many more perks? You would probably think it’s […]

by “ambj21” At my semi local casino there is a certain dealer I avoid. He deals very erratically almost like he is trying to be fast but everything he does has extra unnecessary movements. Tonight he taps in at a table I was already playing at and his first card ends up on the floor. […]