by “ahickman2000” So I stuck around Vegas for a few days after the boot camp was over. I managed a back off at one downtown casino within 20 minutes of arrival. I guess they didn’t like my 1-30 spread. After that, I was a little more conservative with my spread at my host casino. I […]

by “jcroxx111” Today I was quickly known as the guy that does not play the beginning of the game on DD pitch, but sometimes jumps in randomly with 2 spots. Most people were cordial with this and did not mind at all. One lady, not so much. I was also playing in her “lucky spot” […]

by “giovyledzep” What would you think if you received an email offering you a job position where it’s promised that every month you will make more money that most people make in a year, working fewer and flexible hours, while enjoying free food, luxurious hotel suites and many more perks? You would probably think it’s […]

by “ambj21” At my semi local casino there is a certain dealer I avoid. He deals very erratically almost like he is trying to be fast but everything he does has extra unnecessary movements. Tonight he taps in at a table I was already playing at and his first card ends up on the floor. […]

If you don’t know who “Ultimate” is, you need to check out the story of his epic 300 hour card counting adventure in the US. Well, I had an opportunity to interview Ultimate to dive deeper into his story. In this Podcast we discuss: How he went from home gambling nights with his friends to studying card counting […]

by “igotthesplitz” Recalling a recent session…I was playing a spot on a DD. I was between 2 other people. The table is set up to where there can only be 3 players, but each player can play 3 hands for the table minimum. I play on spot at table min until the count goes up […]

by “Joe748” I was passing through the desert of Nevada during a long road trip. At 1 am, I rolled into this little casino that had a decent double deck game. I hit some positive variance and was up $6,000 that night. They comped me a room for two nights and dinner. I didn’t tip […]

Casinos don’t want to have the tables turned on them. And that’s just what card counting does. So is learning card counting futile? Aren’t the casinos just going to change the rules? Isn’t the facial recognition software too good to out-smart? Won’t the shuffle machines make card counting obsolete? I recently got lunch with blackjack […]

by “ambj21” So we all have the session where everything just goes right and this whole card counting thing just seems too easy. Like shooting fish in a barrel…then you have tonight. I was having a hell of a time fighting tooth and nail to come out on top. The game was good, S17, and […]