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“The 21st Century Card Counter” SNEAK PEAK

This is Chapter 1 of Colin’s upcoming book tentatively titled “The 21st Century Card Counter: Beating Today’s Blackjack for Tomorrow’s Profits” due to be published March 2019 by Huntington Press    No Gamble Is a Good Gamble   I had never been in a casino. I’d never thought about casinos. […]

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Podcast Interview with Nathaniel Tilton

Our latest Podcast is with Nathaniel Tilton, author of "The Blackjack Life." For those who haven't read it, "The Blackjack Life" is an excellent portrayal of how Nathaniel and his teammate spent several years as weekend warrior professional card counters. It illustrates the need for excellent skills, the double life [...]

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Profile of a Card Counter: kibbs299

by “kibbs299” Greetings BJA, I would like to take some time to introduce myself. I am a bootcamp (November 2017) graduate and was fortunate enough to stop by the 10 year anniversary party earlier in the month, had a blast at both! I have been only a forum “listener” for […]

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Podcast Interview with Don Johnson

While in Las Vegas for this year's Blackjack Ball, I was able to interview Blackjack Hall of Famer, Don Johnson. For those who don't know his story, you can read up on how he used Loss Rebates (and actually a lot more) to beat Atlantic City for $15 Million. In this [...]

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Podcast Interview with BJA Member “Peacock”

Our most recent Podcast interview is with BJA Member, “Peacock.” Peacock has been a Member for several years now, is a multiple time Bootcamp attendee, and ran a two man team with another BJA Member. One thing that makes Peacock’s story unique is that he fits in being a card […]

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Announcing the all new!

The Mission at Blackjack Apprenticeship is: To train successful, profitable card counters To provide the best blackjack resources for card counters To create a place for meaningful community for card counters With that mission in mind, and roughly 10 years after its inception, we’ve launched an entirely new version of […]

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Member’s Only Podcast – “Backoff Stories” Roundtable

This bonus podcast episode is over thirty minutes of backoff stories from BJA pros Spartan, ov3rtiim3, levimich, JCnote, Joe748, Ryemo, and myself. While there may not be too much new information, it's always fun hearing some tales from the frontlines. Stories include: JCnote nearly getting a ploppy backed off Getting backed off as [...]

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Colin’s Takeaways from the 22nd Annual Blackjack Ball

I just returned from 5 days in Las Vegas where I attended the 22nd annual Blackjack Ball. It was the first time my wife was able to join me, and Joe748 was in attendance as well. I learn a few things every time I attend, and wanted to share a [...]

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Member’s Only Podcast – Surveillance and Playing Rated Roundtable

At our most recent Blackjack Bootcamp I was able to sit down with several BJA pros to discuss what you need to know about Surveillance networks and playing rated vs unrated. In this interview we discuss: Current Casino Databases What you need to know about the databases Playing rated vs [...]

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Profile of a Card Counter: Spartan

Spartan, one of the Pros at BJA, has become a regular at our Blackjack Bootcamps and has become a friend in the past year. He was willing to share a bit about his journey as a card counter, including outlining an epic 8,000 mile road trip with LeviMich.  Check out […]

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