by “donnyboy545” I have an interesting one for us. The other day I sat down to play at a table, business as usual and to my surprise I seemed to have a spectator quite interested in my play and for once it wasn’t a suspicious dealer or pit boss. In fact it was the player […]

So my other buddy and I are pretty much toast for this trip in Vegas—we’ve played about 40 total hours and are up just over $20k. But after getting backed off and being told I was in [casino database], we went to Bellagio and started back counting. I wonged into a shoe at 2×400 and […]

We had the opportunity to ask BJA member “levimich” about his blackjack journey. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him in person, and he will be attending our upcoming Blackjack Bootcamp. But before we get to the interview, I wanted to share with you what levimich’s teammate had to say about him:

by “blackjack2121” Well I definitely set a record for myself on this trip by getting backed off at 7 different casinos in 5 days! Crazy ay! And it’s hard to understand because I played for months at the 3 local casinos closer to my home and I was playing way heavier at the ones that […]

by “BJ-Viking” The following is a true story. First a little about me. I have been a blackjack player and card counter for over 24 years. I am not perfect in card counting, but I am very very good. Last year just before Christmas I decided to drive over to Las Vegas for a couple […]

by “dpug1120” So I hit up my local shop on day shift this afternoon before work as usual. My face is well known by the dealers and pit crew, esp this shift.. putting 40 hours a week in the last 3 weeks tends to do that. I’m a red chipper so no one pays me […]

Check out this video interview on “The Explain Things To Me” Podcast with former Professional card counter, Amy Bandlien. Amy played on “The Church Team,” the blackjack team founded and managed by BJA’s Colin Jones and Ben Crawford. (The Church Team won ~$3.2M from casinos from 2006-2010, and is the subject of the Documentary “Holy […]

by “sdeeds”   Hey everyone! I just got back from a few consecutive trips, one of them being BJA Bootcamp, and finally am able to share my experiences with the community. Hopefully this discussion will help you decide whether or not you should go to a future bootcamp. I think the best way to help […]

About a week into my BJA membership I remember reading a post of a newbies first time out and was so jealous b/c it felt like forever away for me. Fast forward 11 weeks and tonight was that night for me. I was excited all day long like the feeling you get on your first […]