I absolutely love hearing back from Bootcamp Grads and BJA Members. The sense of excitement and pride I feel in seeing an “Apprentice” take our training and apply it successfully can’t be beat. So I wanted to share with you all this email I received last week from BJA Member “68lincoln” entitled “Thank You”:

by “kyledm” Alright I haven’t posted much because I haven’t had much to say but I have to share this story of my crazy night last night at the casino. Things get wild at the 3rd table but I’ll start at the beginning. So I am a pretty new AP. I took a few hundred […]

by “skydiver1” So, I played for about 4.5 hours on Saturday. The wife even came with me which was cool and provided some good cover because she went shopping for a little bit then joined me at the casino (wife shops, husband gambles). Anyway….mid way through my session these two guys sit down with one […]

This week we had the opportunity to ask our long-time BJA member, “Eddie”, about his journey as a card counter. He’s been to two Blackjack Apprenticeship Bootcamps and oh yeah, he’s been counting cards for over 30 years—so he might know a thing or two about counting. Please sit back and enjoy Eddie’s story!

by “msmith1968” So this is a very strange story. I was playing at a local casino yesterday (been playing a lot here) up some and down some but they have good rules and pen. So I’m playing along, using light cover when I get the dreaded tap on the shoulder. I looked back and see […]

by “giovyledzep” Last night I called a casino in my area to find out about their rules/conditions and had a very funny phone conversation. I thought I would post it to share a laugh! *Casino receptionist answers the call CR: Good evening, casino ******* Me: Hi! I wanted to ask a couple of questions about […]

  At our most recent Bootcamp, I was talking with an attendee who was back for his second Bootcamp. His game has come a long way since the first time I met him, and he mentioned how he had been using one of the must under-rated training tools we offer: our iOS app. I know […]

by “blackjack2121” Ok I’m gonna write this because I care about anybody who spends money time and effort to advance at something in hopes to better their lives and better the people around them! This will be most valuable to the people that haven’t been unfortunate enough to end up in the casinos database for […]

Few things bring me more joy than helping others become successful card counters. To help people avoid the frustrations and mistakes that I made, to pass on the lessons I learned from both playing and running a team, and helping people grow in their understanding of value, money, life, and meaning is an absolute gift.

by “donnyboy545” I have an interesting one for us. The other day I sat down to play at a table, business as usual and to my surprise I seemed to have a spectator quite interested in my play and for once it wasn’t a suspicious dealer or pit boss. In fact it was the player […]