BJA Success Story: "68lincoln" Grows Bankroll from $1k to $20k - Blackjack Apprenticeship

BJA Success Story: “68lincoln” Grows Bankroll from $1k to $20k



I absolutely love hearing back from Bootcamp Grads and BJA Members.

The sense of excitement and pride I feel in seeing an “Apprentice” take our training and apply it successfully can’t be beat.

So I wanted to share with you all this email I received last week from BJA Member “68lincoln” entitled “Thank You”:


A few notes I thought I’d share:
  1. Starting with a $1k bankroll isn’t easy. That’s roughly what I did, and I know from experience that it takes commitment to get there. But if you work hard, hustle, and grow your bankroll, you’ll be so glad you put in the time. Heck, he won over $30/hr, while starting with $1,000…not too shabby!
  2. The next $80,000 is just a matter of time. In less than 600 hours of work, “68lincoln” grew his bankroll 2,000%! His next step is to grow it another 500%. Sure, there will be new challenges, but he has proven he has what it takes to keep it going… I can’t wait to get that email when “68lincoln” has crossed the $100k mark!
  3. Learning to think like a card counter should pay dividends away from the table as well. If you read this email, you can see that “68lincoln” is thinking in terms of Expected Value and like a disciplined investor. He knows the cost of his time, tracks dollars spent, invested in his training and skills, and clearly knows the path that led to the results he has had so far (and how to get to the next level of success). I believe this will be an asset to “68lincoln” beyond his time at the tables.

This is one of many BJA Success Stories, and if you’ve taken our training and are counting cards in the casinos, I’d love to hear about your progress!


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