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Plans and Pricing


The Basics
$397 / year* *$249/year after the first year
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Most Popular
$597 / year* *$249/year after the first year
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Best Value
$997 / year* *$249/year after the first year
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Master card counting and become a winning player

All the Training and Tools You Need to Become a Professional Card Counter

The Fast Track to becoming an advantage blackjack player

BJA Video Course
($199 Value)
BJA Training Suite
($149 Value)
BJA Member's Forum
($149 Value)
BJA Basic Bankroll App
($49 Value)
BJA Chatroom
($99 Value)
BJA Members-only Podcasts
($99 Value)
Bonus Videos
(exclusive interviews and content)
($99 Value)
BJA Pro Betting Software
($149 Value)
Casino411 - Casino Database
($149 Value)
Results Tracking Software
($49 Value)
Elite Training Kit
($129 Value)
Priority Chat Support
30 Minute Phone Consultation with a Pro
($299 Value)
Personalized Bankroll Coaching with a Pro
($299 Value)

"Previously I thought my game was ok but after studying the videos on the site I saw my weaknesses. The advice and videos on Blackjack Apprenticeship have dramatically improved my game."

— Jerry, Apprentice Member

Frequently Asked Questions

We have thorough articles on blackjack and card counting, if you want to do some quick learning. But, our membership is step-by-step training process — from the basics, all the way to mastering the game. It’s thorough, it’s efficient, and leaves no room for missing pieces (which could cost you big time). You’ll know everything you need by the time you’re done. Starting now is your quickest, most efficient, and most effective path to beating blackjack. 

Yes. Our graduate members have taken millions of dollars from casinos. Card counting works when you master & execute it flawlessly — but mastering it is hard work. Our award-winning documentary  (featured on The New York TimesCNN, etc.) chronicles some of the ups and downs of card counting.

You should know that this level of training, tools, and success-rate exists no where else on earth. This is the best card counting training. Period. In card counting, smart investing means guaranteed returns. The pros will tell you… your investment starts by investing in yourself — by using the same training used to train an army of winning card counters over the last 15 years. We are so confident in our memberships that we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. 

The Video Course is the best place to begin your training. This is a fine-tuned recipe for success, forged by years of experience running million dollar blackjack teams & training card counters. With the Blackjack Apprenticeship Membership, we’ve integrated our expertise with invaluable tools that guide you to a successful blackjack career.

You could! But there’s a difference between information and training. It’s the difference between reading a book about flying a plane and receiving flight training. We created Blackjack Apprenticeship to train people, in a fraction of the time, to become a professional card counter and beat casinos, all without having to read a single book.

Maybe, but probably not. We are very clear that card counting isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It takes lots of work, dedication, and self-control. But for those who possess those skills and put in the effort, using our course can give you the opportunity to make money, instead of lose money at casinos. Read whether you’ve got the gusto at “Characteristics of a Card Counter.”

This is a special chat room that will be available to all new subscribers each quarter. All subscribers will automatically be given access to their quarter’s chat and have the opportunity to meet players training when they are to talk about training, ask questions, make friends, and to discuss their progress with other serious card counters.


To access your Quarterly Cohort Chat, once you’re logged into the member’s side of BJA just click the chatroom button on the left and you’ll see your specific quarterly chat listed on the left side.