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FAQ and Glossary


Frequently Asked Questions

If you can make so much money counting cards why do you waste your time teaching other people how to do it instead of just playing yourself?


Believe it or not anything can get boring. Do you think those guys who work on power lines or those guys who clean the windows on sky scrapers wake up everyday thinking that it is going to be the most exciting day in their life? Well, card counting is the same way. One day it started to feel like a real job and the last thing we were looking for in card counting was a real job.

We decided to look for something a little more challenging and what could be more challenging than building a whole army of card counters? We couldn’t think of anything either? Don’t worry, we still dress up and hit the casinos every now and again but no one knows where or when.

Is Card Counting Illegal?

No. So far it has been deemed unconstitutional to say it is illegal to use your brain. At it’s core, that’s all card counting is. We do not condone anything illegal on our site.

But isn’t it cheating?

No. Most states define “cheating” as something that fundamentally alters the nature of the game. Card counters are taking the challenge that the casino issues by offering a game that is beatable and beating it using the rules that they set out. It is illegal in most countries, including the US, to use any sort of machine to count cards.  You want to try something fun? Call up any casino and ask them if counting cards is “against the rules?” They will usually hem and ha and say something about how it is not “technically” against the rules but you shouldn’t do it anyways. We don’t listen to them.


You can find our Full Glossary of Card Counting Terms Here.