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Blackjack Hero – Tommy Hyland


Biography of Tommy Hyland

Tommy Hyland Black and WhiteThomas Hyland is a professional blackjack player and card counter. He is well known for his expertise innovative card counting techniques and also is one of the seven inductees into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Hyland began his career in the late 70’s upon reading Lawrence Revere’s book Playing Blackjack as a Business. While in college, in 1979, Hyland began contemplating what he was going to do for a profession when he got thrown into the world of blackjack. After becoming very enthusiastic about the game and the idea of making it a full time job, he began recruiting his friends and put together his original team of four players with a bankroll of four-thousand dollars each. The team began their career inAtlantic City and because of their sharp counting tactics, easily built their team of to a back roll of fifty-thousand dollars. After conditions worsened for many blackjack players inAtlantic City, Hyland’s original teammates headed toAsia to continue their blackjack play; however, Hyland continued his team by recruiting other friends that he knew from golfing.

Throughout the 80’s, Hyland and his team utilize very successful blackjack counting techniques such as shuffle tracking and ace sequencing. Among these, the latter got Hyland and his team into a difficult situation at the mid of the next decade. In 1994, some of his teammates were arrested inCanadafor ace sequencing play at Casino Windsor inOntario,Canada. Although the trial was supposed to be groundbreaking precedent as far as prosecuting ace sequencing and other advantage blackjack players, the judge ruled in favor of Hyland’s team and ruled that what his members were doing was not cheating, but rather, intelligent strategy.


Colin and Tommy Hyland Censored

Colin and Tommy Hyland hanging out at a country club.

Hyland’s strategy as far as counting and making money at various casinos is an aggressive strategy where he advocates standing firm and leaving as fast as possible. Moreover, Hyland’s success as a team leader, and also his success at operating the longest standing blackjack team, goes back to his loyalty, integrity, and ability to engage and encourage his teammates through faithfulness and devotion. “In a crisis, the money wasn’t the most important thing,” stated Hyland, “the most important thing was somebody’s liberty.” Although many members came and went throughout Hyland’s successful decades of advantage blackjack play, the team’s philosophy always stayed tight knit and dedicated to each other no matter what the cost.

Although Hyland doesn’t play nearly as many hours as he used to, he still plays frequently and also has branched out into other modes of advantage betting such as advantage sports betting. Hyland is well respected as one of the most famous blackjack players of all time, as he is currently in the blackjack hall of fame, and has made a successful career at being a loyal, hard-working, and responsible advantage blackjack player. “I love the fact that I’ve played blackjack for this long,” stated Hyland, “it’s very satisfying to take the money from the casinos –to me [this] is way better.”




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