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You Can’t Get Rich Quickly

If you want to beat casinos at blackjack for profit, I’ve got good news and bad news… The good news is that card counting works. For nearly a decade, I have provided for my family through beating casinos at a card game. I put my wife through school, we bought a […]

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Split Double Destroy – My Office

The money moves fast. When I lose count of the chips stuffed in my pockets or the cash I have extracted from them, or just when I need to dodge a little heat, compose myself, or strategize, I retire to my office—the casino bathroom.

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Split Double Destroy – Asking Made All The Difference

I was at a casino recently that didn’t offer surrender—not in the reports, not in the posted rules, not in the signage. Nevertheless, at my first 16 against a dealer’s face card I asked if I could surrender it and get half of my bet back. The dealer shrugged. The pit boss shrugged. […]

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