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Split Double Destroy – It’s a Plunderful Life!


Happiest of holidays to you from my card counting bunker to yours. I have been hunkered down at the grand opening of a new casino. As it turns out, no heat and a big comeback win were two of my Christmas miracles this year.

I am always surprised when that happens. Particularly when the owner himself recently backed me off at a sister casino down the road.

When it comes to plundering casinos, the holiday season can be the most plunderful time of the year. Holidays, celebrations, and special events always represent special opportunities to card counters. Distractions abound.

Your counterparts in the pit are human, and are forced to deal with the same sort of disruptions that the holidays bring you. They are busy with gift shopping, sluggish with holiday ham, and tired from spending time with (and/or avoiding) family. The kids are out of school. Seasonal church events, work parties, and festivities of all kinds always put mental energy for work duties on the back burner. Everyone is slacking off a bit from the floor to the surveillance room, thinking of vacation days and just surviving to the new year. Owners are on holiday. Second stringers and temporaries are holding down the fort. Pit bosses are watching bowl games and pro games with playoff implications.

Add to that the sliver of good will toward humanity and general seasonal merriment everyone feels inclined to participate in and it often adds up to letting things slide with regards to catching and ousting card counters.

May your Christmas stocking be stuffed with cash, and may your New Year’s Resolution involve a bigger and brighter sacking of the casinos in 2012.

—Loudon Ofton

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