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Split Double Destroy – Advance Planning


I was driving to a Tribal casino recently. When the GPS beeped with the announcement that I had arrived at my destination I pulled over and looked around. I was on a dusty road with empty desert in all directions. GPS is great, but never let it be the substitute for advance planning.

More than once I have been led to a casino’s administrative building, tribal gaming office, or an outdated address. One time I was led to a KFC. They had no table games, but they did have a Double Down sandwich, which I DID NOT eat. I am a card counter, not a gambler.

Prepare for a trip in such a way that you can find your way without GPS. You never know when your phone will decide it can’t get a signal, or conk out altogether because you dropped it in the airport garage. Use casino websites. Map everything out in advance. Know drive times and where the casinos are in relation to one another so you can make the most efficient travel decisions.

When I get into town, I tend to start at either the casino with the best game, or the casino closest to the airport. From there I have my options mapped out on one sheet of paper. Nothing is clumsier or more time consuming than fumbling with a map on the side of the road. Hands-free driving is best. Be sure you know what texting or cell phone usage laws exist in the state or city to which you are traveling.

Many factors inform my choices in how I launch a regional blackjack assault, from reported conditions to drive times to available lodging nearby (I don’t get those sweet comps so much anymore). As I play, new factors continue to inform my choices, from new information I have received about local games to traffic conditions to whether I suspect I have been flyered.

Remember, the longer you play, the more assured you are that you will be victorious for your careerTrip efficiency is crucial to getting maximum hours each time out and working towards that long run victory.

—Loudon Ofton

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