Blackjack Charts – Basic Strategy & Card Counting Deviation Charts

  • Download this chart.
  • Memorize it like the back of your hand.
  • Use it 100% of the time.

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This is no longer a game of luck or hunches. If you are going to take the edge, you need to play by the numbers. Watch video tutorials on these charts in the video course.

A great way to memorize basic strategy is to fill out blank blackjack charts. Feel free to Download blank blackjack charts for practice.

*NOTE: As of 12/1/2012 we’ve made a couple small changes to the Basic Strategy Chart. It is now based off of H17 instead of S17 because H17 is much more common. There is no reason to learn 2 different basic strategy charts. Memorize this one perfectly, then move on to learning the deviations for the game you will be playing.Trust us.

If you don’t know what H17 and S17 mean, view our video course.

And here's a fun read about the history of basic strategy and "The Four Horsemen."