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Blackjack Apprenticeship Membership

“The single best Card Counting Training”

  • The Comprehensive Card Counting Video Training Course
  • Blackjack Trainer: Get Full Access to Premium Training Drills that accompany the Video Training Course
  • Blackack Apprenticeship Forum Access: Find Community with other Pro and Training Card Counters
  • Casino411 Access: The Best Resource for Casino Playing Conditions across the country
  • $150 off Bootcamps and 10% off all Merchandise


The Forum:

  • Counting
  • Bankroll Management
  • Cover and Team Play
  • Comps
  • Story Time
  • Tournament Play
  • Casino Information (including casino conditions, regional advice, etc)

The Card Counting Video Course:


Still Not Convinced? Check out These Testimonials

  • “Before joining Blackjack Apprenticeship I was a weak player with a unrealistic expectation of the game. After 4 years of being a member here, I am now at the top of my game and even teaching others how to count the right way. Ben and Colin are the best at teaching and counting cards.” – SouthAP
  • “Previously I thought my game was ok but after studying the videos on the site and listening to Ben and Colin I saw where the weaknesses existed. Using their advice and the videos has dramatically brought my game to a new level.” – Jerry
  • I thought I knew a lot about blackjack. I had my “system.” But then I met Colin and Ben and I was blown away about how much I really didn’t know about the game. Their training turned me from a gambler to an investor. With their help I lived off of my blackjack income alone for 3.5 years! That opened up new doors and the money to take a risk on other business ventures. – BC