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Card Counting Christians?

We’ve always been very careful about what personal information we disclose on this website. We have alluded to our Blackjack exploits and the fact that we ran a Blackjack team, but were cautious to not mention specifics. But that is all about to come to an end.

When we started this website, we were still running possibly the largest, most feared Blackjack Teams in the world. Ben and I had a huge responsibility to protect the identity of both the team itself, as well as the individuals on the team. We were passionate about passing on to others our expertise in card counting, but we didn’t want casinos to know about us and we needed to protect the anonymity of the players. But the days of secrecy are over!

5 years ago, in the height of our blackjack team, a good friend, Bryan Storkel, asked me if he could make a documentary about us and the team. We agreed, as long as he promised to not release the documentary until we gave him permission. Well, a few months ago that day came. The end result, Holy Rollers, is currently making the Film Festival circuit and picking up awards along the way (it won “Best Documentary” at Arclight Film Festival in Los Angeles, “Best Documentary” at New Hampshire Film Festival, and several other awards). The film follows a couple years of the team, the ups and downs of running a multi-million dollar blackjack team, as well as the common faith that a lot of the members of the team hold. Yup, Ben and I are Card Countin’ Christians (we’ll explain in a future blogpost why we believe Christianity and Card Counting aren’t mutually exclusive). We are incredibly proud of the job Bryan did with this movie and we hope both the blackjack community and the general public enjoy it!

So what does this mean?

  1. Since the cat is out of the bag, we will be free to talk more about our own story. Whether it’s some of the crazy stories behind our blackjack team or our personal convictions, we don’t have to be as tight lipped as we were when we had a blackjack team to protect.
  2. We’re going to start a several part series of blogposts covering that stuff (ourselves, the team we ran, our beliefs, the philosophy behind what and why we do what we do, why we made a documentary, etc).
  3. We’ll keep you guys updated on if/when the documentary is available on DVD or whatever.
  4. Hopefully this will help you guys learn from our successes and failures, both in counting cards for a living and in life.

Just like each of you, we’re not just card counters, we’re people. So there has been massive amounts of overlap between card counting and the rest of life (family, time, career, identity, relationships, money, etc). There’s no longer a concern to keep the blackjack part of life isolated, so now we are free to start the conversation about being people who count cards for a living, and all the interesting things that entails. We are as committed as ever to creating an army of card counters primed to beat the casino at their own game! We don’t see this shift as taking away from the site, but making it deeper. So there it is. Keep your eyes out for upcoming blogposts that dig deeper into all this stuff.

Thanks for being a part of the Army at BlackjackApprenticeship!


P.S. We are about a month away from the launch of our first eBook in over 2 years! It’s called “The 29-Minute Card Counting Book” and we think it will be an awesome resource for people wanting to learn card counting or who are currently card counting for money! We’ll let you know more about it as we get our act together.

P.P.S.  We are getting a lot of interest from people wanting to do a bootcamp in the next few months. If you’re interested in getting on the waiting list, send an email: info@blackjackapprenticeship.com

by Colin Jones

9 Responses to “Card Counting Christians?”

  1. CesarM says:

    Not to be confused with a different movie with the exact title, which is also an independent movie, and based on a completely different religion.

  2. colin says:

    Yeah! I guess Bryan (the director) had already chosen “Holy Rollers” as the title, then that other “Holy Rollers” came out, and he was never able to come up with a better title, so he named it “Holy Rollers: the True Story of Card Counting Christians.” I still haven’t seen the Jesse Eisenberg “Holy Rollers”. Is it any good?

  3. Champagne Supernova says:

    Looks cool, I have to check this out!

    My question to you two is why now?

  4. colin says:

    Champagne Supernova,

    Why the documentary now? Or why tell people on BJA about the documentary, etc now?

  5. Champagne Supernova says:

    Yes, I am curious to know why after all these years of secrecy and success you guys decided to say now is the time to release this documentary and show the world who you are and what you guys did?

    Looking forward to seeing it!

  6. colin says:

    When we started this website, we knew it was a risk to our own blackjack careers, but we were never willing to mention the team, how much money we won, or anything about our personal lives, for the safety and health of our team, families, etc. But as we reached a point of being done running a large scale team, we were ok telling everyone the details, because we hope people can learn from our experiences and it creates a lot of interesting dialogue. We held off on allowing for the documentary to be released for what felt like a long time. But we believe it tells an interesting story, so we felt like the risk it had to our blackjack careers was worth taking, since the team is no longer active in a large scale.

  7. Ben S says:

    by the documentary preview i get the feeling you guys are LDS is that correct? I was raised in that church, but have been inactive for years.

  8. colin says:


    No. Protestant. The documentary trailer is just kind of a shock-value thing to create buzz. It just takes crazy news pieces regarding religion and/or gambling, then puts some clips from the doc.

  9. zengrifter says:

    Along the lines of Holy Rollers, was the late Father Joseph Fahey, card counter for God –