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Split Double Destroy – Team Member Backoff


I have been backed off by pit bosses, floor managers,  table games managers, security personnel, casino managers, and even the casino CEO. One of the strangest and most infuriating backoffs I ever received came by way of my own team member.

I was on a trip with said team member. We were splitting up to play and occasionally doing some spotter/BP play. We picked a casino that we knew had a very good single deck game and decided we enter 5 minutes apart and play it separately (different tables) with different but equally aggressively spreads. We thought we might be able to divide their attention for long enough to get some play at the very high EV game.

15 minutes later, I got that tap on the shoulder. I turned to meet my fate, and found I was looking into the face of my own teammate. “Yeah, we’re done here,” he said loudly. He chuckled and threw his hands in the air sheepishly.
“Excuse me, who are you?” I turned back to my hands.
“Dude, they picked us off. We’re done here.” He put his hands on my shoulders and squeezed. “They backed me off and said that if I didn’t tell my buddy, THEY would.”
I picked up my chips with a red face and stormed to the cage.

He had played right into their hands. He had confirmed that we were together. Our association would follow me across the country, and probably made it easier to link us to other team members. I still get backoffs in which I am asked if my partner “J” is with me, and if so he is not allowed to play blackjack either. Don’t blow your own cover by giving the casinos the satisfaction of knowing with whom you are in league.

—Loudon Ofton

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