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Casino Backoff Video


Many card counting trainees and lower limit card counters have yet to experience the “dreaded” backoff.

I remember how proud and excited I was when I finally got backed off for the first time. I still asked for a comp and remember bragging to the bartender making my (free) milkshake that “I got asked to stop playing because I’m too good at blackjack.”

Undercover Backoff Backstory

During the filming of “Holy Rollers,” they wanted to get undercover footage of a casino backoff, so I made sure to make that happen.

I went into a local dive known for quick backoffs, used my real name (I was well known by them), and spread my bet from $5 to 3 spots of $200 (an insanely aggressive bet spread). I I even wore the t-shirt we designed specifically for our blackjack team.

Since I’m a well known advantage player in Seattle, it didn’t take long. BUT, I was incredibly fortunate to get the casino manager to have an entire conversation with me.

There can be a lot of fear about backoffs, but in countless blackoffs in my career, there is usually nothing to fear but fear itself. Remember, you’re a citizen with rights, doing everything within the limits of the law (and casino’s rules). After a while, I even came to the realization that pit bosses and casino managers are usually more nervous than I was during the whole process.

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