Split Double Destroy – (Card Counting) Job Skills 101 - Blackjack Apprenticeship

Split Double Destroy – (Card Counting) Job Skills 101


It took the strangest job in the world to help me understand every job in the world.

At least every job I’ve ever done; editor, reporter, chart filer, information enterer, warehouse broom pusher, newspaper delivery boy.

Blackjack forced me to rethink the way I go about work.

While I never got every newspaper on every porch, my blackjack team had a higher bar—perfect play and maximum EV. If I threw a paper in a puddle at the casino, so to speak, it was a huge deal (playing errors, betting mistakes; I once played a 6-5 table for 30 minutes without realizing it!). For starters, I had the support network to help me believe in myself and believe that I could approach game perfection. Let that be a lesson to those going it solo out there. You NEED other people, be it a friend or online community, to keep your standards high, motivate you, and catch the things you aren’t capable of seeing on your own.

The nature of the beast for me was 2-4 day intensive work trips. One weekend represented two weeks of work and pay for me, so if I wanted to make my financial goals, I had to hit the ground running and never let up. If I stopped to rest­ – and it can be easy to do when you are on these luxury resort properties – I would get lazy. Instead I set goals…good goals and endeavored to beat them. I planned ahead, I packed light, I moved efficiently. In my old jobs I avoided people, kept my workspace a mess and procrastinated at every turn. Meanwhile, my boss was in charge of setting my goals. With blackjack, I took ownership of my own goals.

Blackjack taught me to be a team player, and gave me a community to support me in becoming the best player I could be.

—Loudon Ofton

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