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Split Double Destroy – Disguises


I never check bags, but I do like to pack enough in my carry-on to achieve multiple “looks” on trips. The goal is to not necessarily to hide my identity, but to present a character whom the casinos will not associate with my identity.

The next day (or shift), I head out as a totally different character whom they would not associate either with me, OR the previous character, OR any flyer that might be sporting my picture by now. Alternating looks is key.

These are very basic and simple to put together, but the small details matter (accessories, etc.) If you can change your facial hair to suit each look, even better. If the parts you bring are interchangeable, or can be used for more than one look, better still.

A few of my favorites from the past:

  • “Republican guy”: Yellow button-down oxford shirt tucked into pleated khakis (braided belt), white running shoes, fleece vest, reading glasses on the end of the nose and white cap emblazoned with a republican elephant. Being a proud Republican is good for establishing why you have big money and, likewise, why you are so stingy on tipping.
  • “Cowboy”: American flag button-down, tight jeans, big belt buckle, boots, Cowboy hat. Old ladies will love you, and pit bosses will for a short time be fooled into believing you have strong moral fiber.
  • “K-Fed.”: FuBu jersey, oversized coat (fur-lined hood, gold embellishments), saggy jeans with swaths of graffiti, flat-billed cap cocked at an angle. Watch out. The ladies like a bad boy. Well, I wouldn’t call them ladies, but still.
  • “Golfer”: Golf shirt, fleece vest, khaki shorts, visor, white socks and athletic shoes. Research the local links and know your “handicap.” The pit bosses will ask.
  • “Gamer nerd”: Japanime t-shirt, giant headphones, hat with strange symbols.
  • “Jock”: (aka douche). Backwards hat, jeans, team jersey (day), Ed Hardy button-down (night). Bottle of Bud in one hand. Good for blending into the crowd in a town like Vegas.
  • “Badass Biker”: torn jeans, wallet chain, ACDC shirt, leather jacket, boots. Graveyard shift only, when anything goes, like a badass biker playing big money.

Hope this gives you some ideas of how to change things up on a trip to a place like Vegas or AC.

—Loudon Ofton

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