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Can you beat Blackjack with Card Counting in Atlantic City?


I received this message recently from a member of our forum:

“””can I use your card counting system in Atlantic city? what is the difference between AC and Vegas? does it have any effect in winning?”

Simply put: Yes. You can use our system in Atlantic City, Vegas, Reno, Tahoe, and anywhere else that you can find a decent blackjack game. Better yet, we HAVE used our system all over the US and even in Canada.

Card Counting in Atlantic City

So what’s the main difference between AC and Vegas? Besides one being on the ocean and the other being in a desert, the main difference between the two is the rules to the games you’ll find. In AC, you won’t find any games offering Surrender and rarely offering Re-splitting of Aces. Also, in AC, you can only split a pair up to 3 hands, as opposed to 4 hands. This will lower your overall EV slightly. But AC still offers a very beatable game. Heck, all this talk about AC is making me miss the boardwalk and smell of the AC casinos!

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by Colin Jones