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Hello Card Counter!

Last weekend was the Blackjack Bootcamp.

We had a great group of people at various stages in their careers.

As always, one of the biggest highlights was listening to the Legendary Tommy Hyland talk about his infamous blackjack career. He shared his philosophy on why he plays aggressively and his advice for new card counters. We recorded our talk with him and we’re excited for our premium members to listen to it on the site in the coming weeks.

Our favorite quote from one of our bootcamp attendees this weekend was, “From now on I’m going to tell people that I’ve been card counting for ONE DAY because whatever I was doing before the bootcamp was NOT card counting.” Note: He played perfect basic strategy and was pretty good at counting… but that’s how high our standards are for card counters!

This is the reason why we do Bootcamps; the most dangerous thing for new card counters is to have the confidence of a card counter without the skill of a card counter. Being a successful card counter is as much about how you think about the game as it is about learning to play.

We also had a guest appearance by Loudon Often (the most successful player on the Church Team). Bootcampers got to hear Loudon’s insights on how to have a successful blackjack career, having won close to $1M. The quote of the weekend from Loudon was, “Remember, when you have the biggest losses, you HAD the biggest advantage…. and variance is a b*tch.” This is only true when you have a perfect game, but truer words have never been spoken when it comes to beating blackjack.

Needless to say, we had a weekend jam packed with training and good stories. One person got backed off over the course of the weekend. Another person counted an 8 deck thinking it was a 6 deck. And one of our players even shared his story of playing blackjack next to Lil’ Wayne. Everybody learned something new, and we’re excited to teach the next crop of card counters how to take money from casinos.

Until Next Time, Keep Generating EV!