Bootcamp Recap – Jan 2015

January 29th, 2015
Tommy Hyland Quote

Last weekend Blackjack Bootcamp #12 turned out yet another group of future card counting heroes from a secret location in Las Vegas. Well, we won’t say they are heroes just yet, but let’s say they went away happy, tired, and well-educated in beating the casinos. The sky is the limit.

The Bootcamp saw a well-rounded group of people at various stages in their careers from all over the country. Day two elevated the training to advanced levels for more accomplished players. Day two also included a recap from the Blackjack Ball, held the night before, including our interactions with the likes of Ed Thorp, Stanford Wong, and many other famous card counters.

Highlights of the Bootcamp included a visit, talk, and Q&A with the Legendary Tommy Hyland. He shared stories, talked strategy, and had lots of advice for new card counters. Ben took the helm at the barbecue and turned out a steak lunch for participants.
As always, we reinforced why we do Bootcamps; the most dangerous thing for new card counters is to have the confidence of a card counter without the skill of a card counter. Being a successful card counter is as much about how you think about the game as it is about learning to play.
Guest appearances also included Loudon Often (the most successful player on the Church Team) and a successful Bootcamp graduate who has taken casinos for more than half a million dollars in the last year.
Until Next Time, Keep Generating EV!