We need a new category called BACKOFFS!


by “blackjack2121”

Well I definitely set a record for myself on this trip by getting backed off at 7 different casinos in 5 days! Crazy ay! And it’s hard to understand because I played for months at the 3 local casinos closer to my home and I was playing way heavier at the ones that I was in for months before getting backed off!

Anyway I probably made a big mistake continuing to even go to more places looking to play because I probably got flagged and thats probably why i kept gettin picked off. Some of the places I wasn’t even going big and I was using cover too. More cover than I’ve ever used and just kept getting bounced. Some reshuffled me every time I bet a couple hundred! Some cut the shoe in the middle! 50 percent penetration wow!

Some just kindly said my play was too good for em seems a lot of em like to use that line to let me down easy and the last one just asked me to leave and gave me a security guard escort and the pit boss told the rent-a-cop to take me to cash out and then walk me out. The pit boss was nice about it. The rent-a-cop was a dick as soon as the pit boss walked away and tried to tell me if I didn’t give him an id that he wasn’t going to let me cash out and make me leave.

I told him to get the floor manager and if he didn’t I’d call the police! I told him that I know my rights and that I’m cashing out before I leave. He gave in after being a real dick and when the pit boss came over he told him again to take me to the cage and let me cash out! The rent-a-cop said if you ever come in here again and don’t have an id I’m gonna really make ya feel some pain! I just laughed and said have a nice day and walked away with 3k more than I walked in with. Too bad cause I really liked that place and that game.

Anyway what a freak in trip! Sometimes I wonder what it is I’m doing and what life’s all about. A lotto time on the road alone and in these circumstances can really make me search my soul! Still not sure what I think of all this but maybe I’ll be thinking better after some sleep. Just kinda sad that it seems harder to get the time in than how I started. I got spoiled and got in really long runs at some great games and all the sudden I can’t get hours in. Now I see why you guys from other parts of the country were wondering how I was getting away with what I was getting away with.

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