Watching a High-Roller “Ploppy” Blast a Casino, and a Lesson Learned


by “hita7”

Recently I was playing at a major Las Vegas strip casino. On the table next to me there was a civilian (ploppy) playing very big action…I’m talking betting up to table max ($10K a hand). At first I though he might be an AP, but after I noted a couple of things about his play, I was convinced he was not (e.g. betting and/or tipping black chips for the dealer).

The odd part: this guy was not flat betting (which initially gave me the impression that he might be an AP). He was betting from green, all the way up the rainbow up to two $5,000 “chocolate” chips per hand.

The lucky streak: I witnessed his stack of yellow and chocolate chips grow to several huge piles within 20 minutes. He was winning almost every hand. Truly remarkable.

The funny part: As he kept winning, he was getting more rude and jerky…at one point, he got up from his chair, flipped off the Eye in the Sky cameras yelling “F- YOU , F- YOU!!!!”. He did this act for about a minute straight. I thought that was class-less, but hilarious. All the floor attention (at least I thought) was on him. Two floor people, plus a suit that came by, just standing by that table, watching him and putting on their fake, very nervous smile. By this time he had taken (from what I estimate from the chip piles) at least $130K.

The lesson: As this point, I colored up, and headed for the cage. As I’m walking….wait for it…yep, I GET THE TAP ON THE SHOULDER!… As all the attention was on this guy (or so I thought), those bastards were on to me!! I underestimated them.  Being blasted by this ploppy did not stop them from evaluating my play. My intuition was wrong, as I thought they would be putting all their resources on dealing with this other guy. In turn, what made me mad is not necessarily that they backed me off, but that I should have been MORE aggressive.

Oh well…hopefully you can get a kick out of this little story and use it to learn to never underestimate the Eye in the Sky.

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