Variance going good again – biggest one hand win yet


by “mrwills”

Well one of my lasts posts was a few weeks back when variance was kicking me in the ass. Cut my profit by about 50%…really sucked (good shoes were slaughtering me!)

However, sticking to it is what we’ve gotta do right? I started back counting more heavily and hardly have played anything lower than TC1. First couple times I did this, I lost 80% of a session roll…bad start…but…the good stuff came.

Slowly but surely from a few small wins I got back part of what I lost, but the last 2 weeks I had 3 big sessions. One of them I won nearly an entire session roll off 1 hand.

Max bet out and I have 2 hands playing – first hand I get 5/4, second hand 6/6, dealer shows a 3. TC is fluttering around 8…so I double the first hand and land an ace, good start!

Second hand I end up splitting to 4 hands…with a stupid 6…one or two of those hands I double but none of their totals are winning totals….so, it’s on the dealer.

TC is still around 8…dealer shows a 10, then pulls a jack. I went into total excited ploppy mode…but I wasn’t really acting this time lol. Gotta admit bringing in 7-8 big bet wins on one hand.

The other night I racked up another 110 units…would have had more but variance got me a bit here. Early in the night I split 10’s 3x’s against a 5…dealer busts…so happy day I got 4 big bet wins.

Next shoe TC sky rockets again….max bets are out, TC is 7 and I split 10’s 4xs against a 6…dealer turns over a 10 as expected, then pulls a freakin 5 *sigh*…that one hurt. Luckily the pen was very good so I got several more max bet hands in before the shoe ended and made it all back and actually a bit of profit on the shoe.

Its been a crazy month but at least it’s ending well! Anyone else killing it this May?

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