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Story of the Week: Unexpected Help from a Ploppy


by “clwdq”

I was playing the other day at a local casino. They only had 3 Tables open at the time. My table was just me and one other player. This young kid (probably 21 to 22) sat next to me. First off I look down and notice he is wearing flip-flops. Normally no big deal but seeing how it was negative 3 degrees outside I thought to myself, “Boy this kid is just a few fries short of a happy meal” if you know what I mean.

He then tells me this is his first time at a casino and doesn’t know what to do. Shocking. I tell him that there is an open spot on the $5 table and that would better for him to learn. I was trying to get him off my table so I could have this good table condition. Seeing how there was only the one open spot at the other tables this was my best option. Of course he says no he wants to just stay here and play.

As it turns out this was the ploppy sent down from the blackjack gods. First he was using a progression betting scheme, plus he would not take a card, ever. I couldn’t tell you how many times he stood on 5 vs 10. The first time he did it I could only think of that scene from Austin Powers when he is playing BJ and stands on 5 and says “I too like to live dangerously”.

But what ends up happening his really bad play runs off the other player and also keeps other players from staying long or even from sitting down at all. Since he doesn’t take a card when the count gets high he wasn’t using up high cards and I could just sit out on the negative counts saying something like I got to take a break from this and just watch.

I ended up setting there most of the night just me and him hoping his progression betting would hold up long enough to keep him from busting out. He lasted about 3 hours before he went broke and as soon as he left the table filled up and I colored up.

So this just shows you that sometimes even ploppies can help you out.

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