Thinking like a Card Counter

February 15th, 2012

To be an effective professional card counter, you need to do more than just learn the charts and keep the count.

You need to learn how to think like an advantage player.

These 6 blogposts are guaranteed to increase your Advantage Play IQ.


How Much Does Penetration Really Matter?

The deeper the cut into the shoe has a profound effect on the game. No card counter should overlook this. View Article

Efficiency Vs. Proficiency

2 card counters can generate vastly different amounts of EV. And it has to do with more than just avoiding mistakes and betting units. Learn to look for every way to generate more EV. View Article

Card Counting Darwinism

The game has been changing for 50 years. Learn to look for different angles, analyze, and exploit them! View Article

Don’t Be a Jerk

Having success at this job involves, what Ian Andersen calls, “treating the casino like the customer.” Having good “customer service” will get you a long way! View Article

It doesn’t Hurt to Ask

You’d be amazed at what can happen in a casino with a little bit of gumption! Loudon Ofton explains from experience what might happen if you aren’t the typical timid card counter. View Article

Learning to Analyze Casino Conditions

In the cat and mouse game of advantage play, you must always be aware of what is going on at the time. If conditions are loose, be prepared to strike! View Article

Advanced Reading: Understanding The Math Behind Advantage Play

There are several mathematical terms that are essential to understand if you want to be a professional card counter. Guest author, SouthAP, contributed this article to help new advantage players get a handle on the terms, as well as how they apply in the real world of a card counter. View Article