by “msmith1968”

So this is a very strange story. I was playing at a local casino yesterday (been playing a lot here) up some and down some but they have good rules and pen. So I’m playing along, using light cover when I get the dreaded tap on the shoulder. I looked back and see the pit boss I have a pretty good relationship with. I knew the back off was coming he says “hey you don’t need to use cover on your counting” I said “what” , he looked me right in the eye and said “I know your counting and I just want to let you know we don’t care. You can count away”. I looked at him and said “your joking right” and he said “no man it’s all good the limits are not high enough here for us to care and management has already said to welcome counters not kick them out we just want bodies in this casino”

I thought that was very unusual and continued to play with no cover now and even on different shifts and nobody has bothered me. Something tells me if I get really aggressive and start taking serious cash out of there cage that policy will end.

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