Thanks for the Bootcamp


by “Sharkgod”

I had a fantastic time at the bootcamp and came away a much more thoughtful and prepared player. Moving from KO to Hi/Lo, I was anxious to have my skills rated. The practice at the tables and the test out highlighted my strengths and weaknesses and have given me a roadmap on what to concentrate on. I found Joe’s “Life as a professional” extremely interesting and valuable for understanding the mindset one must have to succeed. The networking opportunity was very good and my classmates were super nice and I hope to see them again. There should be a reunion in Vegas.

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Lastly, one quick story. After the first day, I went back to my hotel, my mind numb from all I learned. As I entered the Tropicana, I decided to backcount a table. I had been standing there for two minutes when the dealer stared at me and said, “Bruce, are you going to get in the game or not?” Shocked that the dealer knew my name, my mind raced. Had I already been flyered? Did she know me from somewhere? How did she ID me?

As I’m beginning to panic, the dealer says, “take off that name tag sweetie”. Fortunately, the name tag did not say, “Blackjack Apprentice” on it. Lesson for Colin…before people leave, tell them to take off their nametag. LOL.

A good time was had by all.

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