Take that you scoundrels!


by “PokerPro04”

Let me set the scene…

This casino (W) used to have a double deck game, H17 50%pen but with surrender. Heat here is about as low as heat can be. Their shoe games are 8D S17 DAS Sur about 2 decks cut so 75%. Meh

I hit their double deck hard one night for about 22k, causing them to bring not one fill, but two rack fills to be able to pay me my chips. I played for about 8 hours straight, no backoff. It wasn’t til the next trip back that I was told I couldn’t play bj (before sitting down)

Thats the history of what makes this story amazing.

I’m with 2 buddies, one complete ploppy and one kid who doesn’t know how to count yet but I’m showing him the ropes and he can keep a running count by back counting, he just isn’t able to play yet at the same time.

We decide to go to W and play some double deck or just have drinks. My plan, since I can’t really play, is to, provided that the one guy who knows how to count out of all the pit bosses isn’t here, have my buddy sit and I’ll lean on the chair next to him and just whisper what to bet and when to deviate. Sounds crazy but they are so dumb here at W.

Anyways, we get in W and start looking around. My PB I’m avoiding isn’t present so we are in the clear to play, but guess what…. no double deck. ALSO, they changed their previous 500 max tables to 300 and 1k max to 500 no mid shoe. I want to just call him in on good counts, so we are stuck with 300 max bets 🙁 ALSO, they are now cutting 3 full decks out of the 8. This game is so crummy I wanted to just go home.

Then I said to myself, they are making all these changes due to either getting hit hard and/or their lack of being able to spot counters. I want to teach them that I can still smack them around a little, even in this crummy game. A games a game.

Plan of attack: have my buddy bet 5 in any count below true 1 and 2×300 table max at true 1 or higher. Hourly ev, dunno, probably something like 50 an hour, maybe 75, but he had 2 bets, either 5 or 300. And i want to call him in as soon as it hits true 1 and have him start out at 300.

We are in, 3 solid hours deep, no heat. We stumble to start, down about 2500, but then it turns. Before we know it, we have 10k in front of us on our pad things they use instead of chips, so they had to call for a fill. Guard brings 10k purple, which we take, and when we leave, we get them for a hefty 7k profit.

Take that you precaution taking crummy game serving casino. Pretty nice beating any casino out of money, Not to mention a place where I’ve already been backed off from 😉

That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

Oh and on the way out (my other ploppy buddy likes slots) my ploppy buddy asks if I want to go 50 with him on 2 different machine. I say fine whatever. 5th spin in on a $2 machine I hit for $2k . I can literally call myself a lifetime winner at slots 🙂

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