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Story of the Week: Suit-nami


by “JCnote”

It was a typical Friday night (or Saturday, who knows) and I was on the prowl for a game to play. I had selected a table to play but the shoe was not over, so I was standing behind the table, watching the game. I hadn’t played a hand at this casino yet so I was fairly relaxed and not really paying attention to the pit, since they were not paying attention to me.

I did notice some casino-manager-types enter and exit the pit, but it was all very routine…until the swarm.

I was still intently watching the table, getting ready to sit down, when I notice I am instantly surrounded on all sides by suits. “What the hell? Where did this come from? I’ve barely breathed on the table much less given them a reason to give a shit,” I silently thought to myself as my heart began to race.

Rather than decking the closest guy and running for the exit, I kept my head about me and began looking around at their faces. I wasn’t creepy-looking at them. I looked casually, like you would look at someone standing in line next to you at Chipotle. I noticed their body language was not really oriented toward me so much as the table I was standing behind. Normally this would be the moment of relief, however, I’ve had back offs where the suits lurk in the slots pretending like it’s not about you, and then they pounce. But this time it was different. Their body language didn’t look like it was about me and when I would sweep my eyes to catch theirs, there was no eye contact and no obvious avoidance of eye contact either. As my heart is beating out of my chest I suddenly realize, these are NOT the droids they are looking for. Hurray!

Knowing it’s not about me is great news, but needless to say, I’ve still found myself at ground-zero of some kind of shit-storm that will be released shortly and I need to cool my shit and git! With the tact of a cartoon character, I slowly did the old, crossed-arms, waddle-back-and-forth-from-one-foot-to-the-other, look-to-the-left, look-to-the-right, nothing-to-see-here, I-think-I’ll-look-at-another-table….shimmy, and I got out of there. As soon as I was far enough away from the suit tsunami to feel comfortable looking back at the table to see if was being followed, I looked back.

With the slyness and cunning of a panicked card counter on adrenaline, I peered through the gaps in the rows of slot machines to get a glimpse of the monster more worthy of trapping than the infamous and INFINITELY more dangerous, JCnote!

The suit parade had pulled a guy off the table I had been hawking, and they were in the process of ID’ing him. It looked like the guy just forked it over to them, as I saw a suit on the radio holding a card, waiting for someone to respond on the other end. There was a stack of chips piled on the empty table they were talking next to.

Long story short, the guy got cuffed and his chips taken. He went willingly so I’d guess the guy knew the gig was up and was up to no good. I later wished I had paid more attention to his play at the table. I am fairly attuned to most forms of advantaged play, so if he had an angle on the game it was not obvious, and possibly illegal.

The moral of the story is, when the suits are swarming, don’t back yourself off by bolting out the door. Otherwise it might have been the suits sharing this story on a casino forum instead of me sharing it with you.

Happy counting everybody!

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