by “Hita7”

Recently I was involved in an incident at a place where I had been BO (backed-off) before. I have never played rated there, and to their credit, I am extremely surprised at how fast they were on to me (I’m talking literally single-digit minutes!), even after not being there for a few months on a different shift.

Anyhow, as I sensed the unusually fast and hot-hot-heat, I stuffed my chips in my pockets and started walking, then saw several suits and security coming my way. Of course, I headed for the nearest door. I then hear behind me something along the lines of “Excuse me, you’re coming with us, we need to have a talk!”, and more “Hey, Hey! I’m talking to you!!!” I didn’t say anything, but it was so obvious that they wanted to steer me in a particular direction, my AP instinct tells me this was a back-room operation in the making as they were very aggressive.

I finally calmly said, as I opened the door to get out, “I’m leaving now, I want to leave. Thank you.” Then I hear them talking on the radios “suspect is heading blah blah blah…”. At this point my instinct tells me to get the heck out of their property and into the street before they get physical with me, I don’t doubt they would have! So I did just that, but I can hear someone is still after me.

Finally I reached the street and walked away from the place. As I walked about a block, I see at least two security patrol cars driving and turning right where I was. They didn’t say anything, but of course they were attempting to intimidate me to see if perhaps I would “give myself up?” I don’t know, but that’s sure what it seemed like.

I walked about two miles to finally reach a shopping center. During that walk, I thought of the problem now facing me, that is, How the heck am I gonna get my car, which was still in their parking garage? Will they be waiting there to ambush me? (it’s easy for them to run the tape back and see where i came from and where I parked, this, I know by experience). Anyhow, by the time I sat down, I remembered that there was a fellow BJA member who had some time ago indicated he lived in that area (or frequented that area). So I looked on BJA, found that member, and sent him a PM pretty much saying something like: “Hey, if you happened to be in xyz area, please call me…”.

About fifteen minutes passed, then, lo and behold, this BJA buddy calls me. I briefly explain what the situation is, his response, pretty much without hesitation, was something like “Where you at? I need to go drop off some groceries, then I’ll be on my way to pick you up.” Do you guys understand how much that means to me??!! We had never even met before!

So this person, taking time off from taking care of a relative, comes and meets me, takes me back to the parking garage to quickly get in my car and drive away, AND is totally willing to go inside and cash my chips for me (including both greens and blacks), then meet me offsite to give me the money. This truly embodied the highest level of “brother-ness” and AP-bond that is impossible to have with non AP’s. There was no need to explain anything, or to warn, or anything, because we understand the things this game entails. The level of trust I felt is inexplicable.

I am forever grateful to this person. He knows who he is, and I am humbled by his graciousness. Truly, my friend, you are an honorable young man!

To this great AP community in BJA, Cheers!


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