The Hare and the Tortoise


by “va_bj”

I walked into a casino (many, many months ago) intending to sit down and play a few 6D shoes of a good game of BJ. This place had both a good 2D and 6D. I generally prefer to play 2D heads up with the dealer but normally the tables are full.

The Hare, 2D, is fast and furious. It’s action packed and full adrenaline, while the 6D is more of an old mans grind, slow and steady. Dull but profitable, great way just to kill the time.

As I walk up to the table, I’m stumped. Two tables; One 2D and one 6D. Both what I’m looking for and both empty. My head goes into a debate. Which one to choose? We want the 2D ( the Hare) but we were planning to play the shoe (the Tortoise). After a few moments of indecision, I plopped on the 2d, the greedy card counter I am. I want the action. I want their cash. That’s what I’m here for. I bought in and played about two rounds before being joined by more players.

Looking at my tablemates, I could see they were going to stay a while. “Darn”, I’m thinking. I’m down and I can’t seem to get a fair shot back. So I look over at the 6D shoe and it’s as quiet as a church mouse, still. My fur was just burned and it sure doesn’t look like I’m going to get another shot at it for a while.So I pickup and move.

Now I’m playing heads up with the dealer in a shoe. Not my most optimum situation. And of course I’m already down about 1/2 a buyin thanks to some variance on the 2D. So, as in any play-all, the negative counts seem to last forever. The stack slowly shrinks and I wonder if I’m going to win any hand. I’m even starting to get excited about pushes. The game even is playing at a turtles pace. I’m almost bored, what a letdown.

But one thing I remember about shoes, the worm will turn and when it does, hold on for the ride. As I slowly grind my way through the cards, that worm does wake up and my chip stack slowly starts to go up. I start to play high denomination chips and start to win. The count moves up right along with my chip stack. My turtle has life! I start winning more than losing and a few good splits and double downs and I’m doing well. A small grin creeps across my face.

It’s about time for me to cross the finish line and call it a session. So I say thank you to my dealer and head on out. I kept each of my chips in different pockets so I know how I did at the end. Seems my Tortoise was the winner this day. He even covered my Hare’s loses so OL’ VABJ smiled all the way to the bank.


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