First Day on the Field


by Levimich

So I’ve been practicing since January and have been eager to get started for quite a while. Last night a friend and I went to our closest casino to play for the first time with an actual bankroll. I’ve played there a million times, knowing all my deviations and wonging in on tables in hopes of getting some short term luck. So it didn’t feel too different than the average trips in the past but at the same time it felt like a great milestone.

Being a Friday night, it was jam packed. Definitely the worst time to go for a low stakes card counter. This place doesn’t allow midshoe entry so I’d sit down at a table, play the first hand and then take a “phone call” while my friend “watched my spot” (After you play one hand, you aren’t limited to the min). We came up with a good signal for me to come back and she passed me back the count when it was favorable.

So it was kind of fun experimenting with that kind of team play. I got to do some fun index plays likedoubling 10 v 10, taking insurance, doubling 9 v 7. But unfortunately I barelygot any hands in because of how packed it was.

We waited for the tables to clear and finally at about 4:30am there was a table I could stay and play at for a bit with a few other people. This old black woman was there getting really sassy with me about wonging in, demanding a space heater from the pit boss (lol didn’t happen), etc. there was a time where she fell asleep with her bet out and the dealer just let it ride after she won. There were two other kids who started believing her nonsense about the flow of the cards. So she asked me to play or not play. She says I was doing the hokey-pokey and it was ruining her odds of winning. I assured her I wasn’t trying to change the flow of the cards haha. If I was playing, it was my fault if she lost. If I wasn’t playing, it was still my fault that she lost. So I was being nice but I was also there to make money and hokey-pokey around.

So thankfully, the count goes up and I start betting a couple spots. I was down like 20 units or so and in those last few decks, the count goes to true 5, I got a few blackjacks and 20s and left on top with a whopping 4 unit win. Lol. For the 6 hours I was there I probably only got 200 hands in. So not exactly what I was hoping for after the hour drive there. But you gotta start somewhere.

So overall it was a good experience. I learned not to go Friday nights yet, how to work with a teammate, not to stay up for 24 hours when you have stuff to do the next day, and how to make good excuses for wonging in and out. Saying it was my grandpas 54th birthday didn’t work too well when I told the dealer to cut the deck there for good luck. But he did bring the cut card back a little. One dealer cut 2.5 decks off! Don’t know what he was thinking but I’d like to refer him to the deck estimation training drill.

Anyway, it was a good time and a lot of fun.


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