The “almost” Back-off


by “levimich

So a couple nights ago, I drove 3 hours up north to play at a casino I’d been to a few times. 6D games with only 1 deck cut off, H17, but all other rules are favorable and includes LS. Apparently higher stakes tables are S17. It’s a small casino though so there’s not many tables. Anyway, I have a small BR right now so I play $5 tables generally or Wong in on $10 tables when possible.

I was down close to a couple hundred during the first couple hours, then things started getting good and I won a few hundred between the two $5 tables I was going between. Then, late at night, everyone left the $3 table they have (normally full) so I went to play there by myself. I played probably 5 highly positive shoes in a row by myself at this table (with great pen it was a dream) joking with the dealers and pb’s and had won another few hundred. They would joke, when I raised my bets, about me counting and I played along and joked around back with them. They responded well to my jokes and cover and we had a good time. When the opportunity arose at a true 6, I asked the pb if he’d ever split 10’s against a 4 and he encouraged it saying “against a bust , card, all day!” I got to split 10’s again later on and they were loving it. Also got to double a A9 v 6 with no one caring. I played through another shoe which was neutral/a little negative and ended up with a massive stack of 1’s, didn’t lose a hand.

So I left then to make it home for work in time. They colored me up and I went to the other side of the casino to cash out. When I put my chips up there, the lady said, “I’m sorry, we’ve been told not to let you cash out.” I asked what was wrong and they said they could not tell me and that they were reviewing the tapes and a pit boss was waiting to speak with me.

I acted very confused as a security guard came up and asked on his radio if he was supposed to confiscate my chips. I said, “they’re my property that I paid for” and that I was going to leave unless I was doing anything illegal and [that I was] being unlawfully detained. They would not tell me what was going on (though I thought I knew) and I told them that I was leaving and security blocked me off. I told him I was leaving with my property and he said “what about your chips?” I told him I’d cash them later and he said “why don’t you cash them now?” And I told him they wouldn’t let me and that I didn’t even know what was going on.

Everyone in the casino is watching and confused at this point as I was trying to exercise my rights. Then the pit boss approaches, a real nice lady, and shakes my hand. She continues to tell me that they thought I may have taken 5 or 6 of someone else’s red chips ($5) when leaving the table. There was one person at third base who just got there with no chips as I was coloring up. I was sitting in the middle and my girlfriend was next to me the whole time. So the only chips on the table were mine in front of me. I don’t know how they could have even thought they were someone else’s.

She told me they reviewed the tapes and they were terribly sorry for the trouble. She reassured me that that was the only issue and that she was extremely sorry. I checked with the other pb’s to make sure everything was settled and ok and everyone was very kind and apologetic. So I left on a good note, but man that was a curveball! It sure makes a point to never admit to anything because it may not even be the reason for your heat. Just thought I’d share! I did have the scene recorded from the second they refused to cash me out, which I think made them extra careful while dealing with me. Security seemed a little aggressive. Good times. I hope IF I ever get backed off there, they will feel really uncomfortable trying to accuse me of something again.


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