by “va_bj”

So here’s the story (believe it or not, different than what I posted earlier). I’m out with the family at a casino. Mainly there for them to play slots. But I just can’t sit in front of those one arm bandit’s and feed it money all night. So I make my escape to the table area and look for my signature 6d but none to be found. But I did find a nice little 2D game. Since I’m with the family, I’m playing small potatoes because I’m going to be camped here for a good while. Players come and go but I’m doing fine and making money even with my tiny spread. No bells and whistles because this place can and is sweaty if you’re not smart. It’s a quasi locals place but you could say it could get strip action at times.

So this one guy, totally looking out of place sits down at the table, 3rd base. Now he’s dressed nicely, buttoned up shirt, slacks (not jeans), cleaned up, beard well groomed.  Buys in but no player’s card. No one at the table looks even remotely like him. We all look like a dog had just dragged us off the street. So he’s like a fish out of water.

We get going and the count zooms up. First time this evening I’m seeing it sky high. He’s increasing his bets, just like I’m doing but the rest of the table is flat. First red flag in my mine pops up. Then as the count get really high, he’s maxing at a 1-8 spread and sweating an $80 bet.  Yea, we’re playing a $10 table. (It’s recreational for me) He bets up in perfect 10, 20 40, 60 80 to the count.
Now he can’t spread 2 hands since it’s a nms and there’s a player next to him to boot. He’s quiet, arms crossed, and totally staring at the table. Ok, Next red flag pops up. Finally, the cut card comes out and it’s shuffle time.  I’m thinking about one more round, but then
he makes the big move. He lowers his bet back to $10. Holy Cow! Can we be more obvious?
The White flag…

I wished everyone well and colored up leaving my unfounded card counting buddy to his own ruin.  I know one day soon he’ll get backed up and just will not be able to figure out what did it to him. Heck, he might even think that his game was so good he was a threat to them. But what he may never know is that his play was so bad, it just stuck out like sore thumb.

Anyway, I guess my point of the story is this. Just don’t make their job too easy…

BTW, Variance did smile on me and I left up for the evening.

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