You’re not a card counter because…


By Joe748

not-use-your-brainHey guys I wanted to share this list with you and see if you guys can add to it with your experiences. I’ve talked to a lot of casino personnel about my play & behavior to get some insight on what their thought process is. From floor supervisors, table games managers, surveillance, and even all the way up to presidents of the casino. I’ve gotten a wide array of “theories” as to why they didn’t think I was a card counter (at the time). Here are some of their answers:

  • I talk to much to the floor & pit bosses “AP’s avoid casino personnel like the plague”.
  • Talking too much to the dealer and other customers.
  • I’m not looking at the cards long enough.
  • Playing too quickly it’s not possible to count all the cards accurately.
  • I get up a lot from the table and go on my phone then later still place a big bet even though I haven’t “been watching the cards” [but of course i’ve been watching the whole time].
  • I don’t hit my breaking hands enough on negative counts [for example not hitting a 14 vs. 15 on really negative counts].
  • I’m doing things against basic strategy like staying on a 15 vs a 10.
  • I was betting a max bet at only a count of 2 [what happened here was I was playing double deck and the count was 2 but it was down to the cut card with .5 deck cut off so the TC was 4, which they didn’t know about].
  • I’m not ramping my bet up in stages like a card counter I’m only going from table min to table max [this is a result of a low table max and a bigger bankroll that can handle going table min to table max at true 1 & above].
  • Playing through a half shoe counter measure.
  • They googled my real name and saw that I have a “legitimate” busy career & website.

As you can see none of these reasons are a result of doing betting cover or anything like that. Sometimes casino personnel’s lack of training, or lack of exposure to real card counters, is enough cover for you to begin with. If you guys have had anyone tell you why they don’t think you’re a card counter I’d be curious to hear it!


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