With the forum being kind of quiet, I thought I’d share this old but true story from my craps days


by “va_bj”

While I really can’t share many of my current adventures, I surely can share this one from many years ago. Enjoy the long read.

Back in my craps days, I was playing on a team where we normally would play min $25 tables and the big betters we had each bet averaging about 700-900. So our buy-ins were in the thousands on average.

So one afternoon just with the family, we went to a local low rollers chain place for the evening. The slots are better at this place so I’m told. They were going to play slots. You know I’ll be at the tables. So I walked up to the craps table and its $3min, 500 max at 10X odds. Two other players are at the table both mainly betting white chips ($1) and the box man is also acting as the Pit boss. You get the picture.

I buy-in for just $300. I figured it was small but enough to keep me going for a couple of hours. Then, I placed $5 on the pass line. Dealers looked a little shocked but didn’t say a word. The PB was called over and sits down to watch for a few minutes. Since it was the other players throwing, I only put up double odds and place bet of $6 on both the 6 and 8. Then I just let it ride. After a few minutes of this, the PB leaves.

Now the dice come around to me. I place my $5 bet on the table and a buck on top telling the dealers whatever it wins, it’s theirs. (A cheap way to tip). I start throwing setting for a 7 and nail it first throw. “Pay the line” calls a dealer. I even repeat it again. Nice I think. I’m doing pretty well. Next roll a point number. Now I can’t remember how many points I hit, but my bets started at $30 6/8 and $25 4/10 and with very conservative pressing, meaning I would hit the number a couple of time before doubling, my amounts were up in the 2-300s.

I’m on quite a good roll here. I’ve noticed the PB on the phone a couple of times but nothing to worry about. Maybe, but I’m trying to focus on those darn cubes. Lack of focus is a dead sentence for a DC. After hitting another point, my 8th or 9th , or more, I just lost track,( Yea, I was on a tear). I noticed this real tall suited guy in the pit. Had to be at least 6’ 8”. He was talking to the PB and glancing over my way. Oh crap, I’m thinking. This isn’t my first time to this rodeo. I’ve been “asked to leave” before but I’ve never had it happen when I’ve played solo. Just what I need with the family and all. Couple more throws and I’m still doing ok but I can tell I’m getting tired and not sure what’s going on with the tall guy.
After the next point, which came after a terrible throw and just sheer luck I got it, I looked over and saw that tall man was standing behind me. He gave me some distance but clearly, I was his focus. Crap (ok, insert the proper 4 letter word). I’m stuck. Money all over the table, I’m on a roll, up about 3 grand before what’s on the table and this suit hoovering over me like a buzzard waiting for his kill. Well, needless to say, I was smart enough to back down my bets and it was a good thing. Two rolls later the magic 7 out hit my 55 minute roll. Boy was I pooped but then the tap on the left shoulder.

“Excuse me Mr X”. he said. I was playing rated so they knew me. “ I noticed you had quite a roll there and made some fine money” . OK my brain kicks in. Here it comes. I’m tensed up. I can feel the sweat not only the long roll but the nerves of what’s about to happen. I worried about cashing in chips. Heck, they don’t even have $500 chips on the table. This isn’t the nicest of places either. The class of people, well, let just say I would not want to be alone in the parking lot with any of them .

“I’m Mr Y…. A Host….” I swear I almost peed in my pants when he said that.…..

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