by “Hita7”

blackjack money management

I was recently in a session heads-up with the dealer where I was losing my a$s, by the standards of this rather ‘low rolling’ joint.

I was in about $1,200 and kept pulling Benjamins out of my pocket. The dealer then said in a very sincerely concearned voice, “c’mon man, don’t, please don’t reach into your pocket again…” The TC was at a 3…and i lose again!

So this dealer out of his concern for my bad run, actually started to shuffle before the cut card came up (on double deck), as in to “help me”…WITHOUT asking the floor if he could shuffle. He did this twice. Thankfully one of the times the count had tanked, but the other time it was at a TC2. So I politely asked him if he could please ask me next time if I wanted a re-shuffle.

This is the first time that I actually could see in this poor guys eyes the discomfort of him ‘taking my money.’ Part of me commends him for that, as he probably hates his job and takes a lot of money from the ploppies. He probably doesn’t have the heart or mind of a casino. It honestly did feel bad, that HE felt so bad for taking my money.

Anyone else ever interacted with a compassionate dealer like this? And did it help, or hurt? This can go several different ways and could actually hurt you (by shuffling when TC is positive) and/or him (by not asking the floor to re-shuffle, and/or by advising me to stop playing…not sure his manager would like that).

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