What a ride it was


by “tjnich04”

So I thought that I had found a casino with zero heat. I was almost right.

On a Friday night I go back to hit up their double deck like I had been doing over and over. I keep a chip inventory from this casino, but the inventory was way higher than normal due to my last session. I had 22k in chips still left, so I decided to cash out 2k before playing my session. As I’m walking away from the cage with my cash, a pit boss stared at me oddly. I felt like something was up. So I ran to the restroom lol. Then, when I went to attempt play at the double deck table, it wasn’t open. Literally every table in the casino was open except the double deck table. :/ so I decided to lurk in the weeds at a video roulette machine and keep my eyes on the pit to see what happened. 2 pit bosses kept occasionally looking in my direction. Then, one starts walking my way. He opens the ropes dividing the pit and the floor and keeps walking. I see him getting closer to me in the corner of my eye. Then, he taps me on the shoulder and asks to talk to me.

“Sir my name is Scott, director of table games. You’re allowed to play any games in here, just not blackjack.”

“Why not?”

“That’s our decision.”

“But why? I love blackjack.”

“It’s our decision to make. You’re a really good player and we just can’t handle action as big as yours any more.”

Sooooo… the end to this gem had come. It’s funny too because the back off happened literally right after I posted a thread about “have I found a casino with no heat?” Lol

But I had gotten them good.

A total of 15 sessions were put in at this casino. I won literally every single session. 15 out of 15. I put in a total of 44 hours and got them good for a total of $38,900. My spread was a play all, 90% on DD, 2×25 to 2×500-600. It was a fun ride.
Most days ranged from 1 to 5 thousand in profits. My very last session I was stuck 17k in 3 hours. I almost decided to quit, but didnt, and I went on a sick heater, winning about 22k, giving me a net profit for the entire day of 5k. I think that this is the day that got me burned. The pit had to call for a fill in order to pay me out. That probably had gotten their attention.

Anyway, just wanted to share my story of this little gem I found and the ride I had made of it. And I think that I’ve single handedly made them realize that they are better off not having a double deck game. All of their other games are 8 deck.

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