by “JCnote”

JCnoteThought I’d share a ploppy story. A couple weeks ago I was playing blackjack with some ploppies that were pretty horrible at the game. Here’s how horrible…

The dealer dealt everyone their cards and then accidentally deals his second card face up instead of face down. So everyone has their first two cards and we’re staring down a fully exposed dealer hand of 17 (soft 17 but this was a S17 game anyway). Following with procedure the dealer called over the floor and explained his mistake. The pit boss said, “ok go ahead,” indicating we were to play the round as usual.

Any self-respecting person would at this point be elated to play a round of blackjack with full information but not the ploppy at first base. He was LIVID! He insisted that he should have the right to pull his bet back because the dealer messed up. The pit boss would not allow him to pull the bet back, so the genius decided to drop a loud, “MAN! F*** YOU!” to the pit boss.

The pit boss FREAKED OUT and got in the ploppy’s face saying, “WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME? SAY IT AGAIN! WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME!”

The ploppy backed off of the personal insult and did not repeat what he said but he was still freaking out about how he should get to pull his bet back.

The situation was escalating rather quickly so another pit boss came around. She got up to speed on the situation and then explained to the ploppy that it was actually to his advantage to play with the extra information but would not let him pull his bet back. He was NOT having any of it! Meanwhile the pissed off pit boss was buzzing around the background huffing and puffing about what the ploppy said to him. The new pit boss’s calm demeanor was not diffusing the situation.

Enter the casino manager. The casino manager assertively explains that it’s to his advantage and that he can’t pull his bet back. The pissed off boss keeps poking in and out of the conversation, so the casino manager says, “Get out of here! You are not helping this situation!” So the butt hurt pit boss huffs off toward the other end of the pit.

Finally the ploppy calmed down and understood that it was to his advantage and decided to play. Now get this. The ploppy had an 11 vs a fully exposed dealer 17. He has a doubling hand against a crappy dealer hand and he started this whole scene ANYWAY! So he doesn’t double it and just takes a hit, and of course lands the ten he wanted. The rest of the table was then allowed to play the hand and I don’t think anyone lost that round.

I was pretty sure the ploppy was going to get 86’d but then the casino manager gave him a short lecture about why he shouldn’t say “f*** you” to a pit boss. I later realized that this ploppy is a mega-regular at this casino and plays there like 7 days a week, so that’s probably why they didn’t kick him. Any other ploppy would have been.

Just when you think you’ve seen the full extent of stupidity you can see in a casino, there’s a ploppy that proves you wrong.

Happy counting.

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