by “PokerPro04”

So I’m at my home casino, where I have been banned from playing blackjack but can play any other game, and I’m playing poker. Game is somewhat boring, so I take my phone out and start to surf this forum and also get on a blackjack app I have. I’m on this app for literally 5 minutes max.

About 20 minutes later, I get a tap on the shoulder and am asked to step away from the table for a quick chat. The manager of table games and his side kick, along with 1 security guard, greet me in the middle of the poker room. The manager of table games says, “hi, I’m so and so. We caught you using an advantage play device/app. Do not ever use that app or anything like it again under this casino roof, or we will ban you from the property.” I act shocked, which I truly am, and say “ok, I didn’t know I couldn’t use my phone however I wanted while playing poker. I’m never playing blackjack here again, so you don’t have to worry about that, but I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong.” He continues to say, “well, like I said, don’t use any apps like that here again, or you will be banned. And no texting other players at the table about what is going on in the game.” Which is absurd because I wasnt texting anyone, I knew no one else at the table personally.
Now, I would never use anything card counting related in a casino where I was going to play blackjack, or a casino where I wasn’t already marked as an ap, but I have no intentions of ever playing BJ here so that my poker career isn’t put into jeopardy, so I didn’t think it was a big deal.

This just goes to show you, THEY ARE ALWAYS WATCHING.

(Is it likely that they were hawk eyeing me closely bc I’m a marked AP in the casino playing rated? Even though it’s poker, maybe they were just watching to see if I went to the bj tables? Don’t know why else they would be paying that much attention to someone’s cell phone at a poker table. You’re allowed to be on your phone as long as you’re not involved in a hand…)

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