Occasionally we get an email from someone who wants to “educate” us on what we’ve gotten wrong about beating Blackjack. First read the email and then we’ll talk about takeaways.

The Email:

Look guys, I like your site, but I gotta call a little bit of bullshit. First off, if you are making that much money counting why charge for the site? Why not make it free or a couple of bucks per month? Just enough to cover the hosting fees.

Second, you’re strategy doesn’t work. The high low, yeah, doesn’t work. I have sat around with a double deck for the last couple of weeks playing and keeping track. I’ve also been playing live in casino’s. You don’t have any better chance of winning when the deck is positive than you do when it is negative. And your basic strategy could also use some tweaking. I have been using this strategy, 3-7 plus 1, 9-K minus 1. I have been successful in the casino the last four outings. Not big winnings since I flat bet, but I am up and am able to win consistently. I only double when the dealer shows a bust card 2-6 and the deck is positive. Your basic strategy and your modified strategy suggest doubling wayyyy tooo often. I have found doubling is basically a suckers bet unless you do so under the above conditions.

I have also found that when the deck is really negative you should hit on 13, 14, even up to 15, regardless of what the dealer is showing. Since if they are showing 2-6 and you know there is a bunch of little ones coming you should hit first if you are 2-6, taking the little ones and thus increasing your chance of beating the dealer.

I think your hi low would work better if the casino’s didn’t cut out so much of decks… of course they do this to reduce the impact of counting.

Anyway, just a little feed back…

For the seasoned veterans of this site (who have taken thousands of dollars from casinos) this email is quite comical. The sad part is that this person obviously means well and fully believes what they are saying. Here are the things to take away:

The one thing he got right

It’s actually true that the number of decks the casino cuts out of play has a major impact on the beatability of the game. Unfortunately just about everything else is incorrect in this email.

This isn’t “OUR” system. It’s math.

Hi-lo is a counting system that was invented about 50 years ago. We adopted this system and used it to play thousands of hours in casinos to successfully take millions of dollars. It’s been proven by math and we have reaped the benefits of using a math-based system. We’ve had runs of bad luck where we could have 10 losing sessions in a row, doing everything perfectly, and yet despite the losses we have still taken millions from casinos. We didn’t make all that money because WE are clever, but because the math will inevitably work out, just as surely as gravity holds our feet on the ground.

The writer of this email has taken his “system” to the casino 4 times, and because he is up, he thinks he is a winning player. This is one of the primary reasons Blackjack is such a popular game and why so many casinos still offer beatable games. Just the simple idea that a game can be beaten convinces people they have figured out how to beat it. When you think you’re beating the game, you’re willing to risk more money than you would normally risk if you knew you couldn’t beat it. If you’re beating the game so easily with your McDonalds money, why not beat it with your kid’s college fund, or with your rent money? Casinos make a fortune every year on this idea.

We love teaching people how to count cards

There are many ways to learn how to count cards and the best ways didn’t exist when we started learning. Blackjack Apprenticeship is our way of passing on what we’ve learned and helping people avoid the mistakes this emailer has already made. Card counting is incredibly simply to understand but incredibly difficult to implement in real life, profitably. We know that pain, and that’s why our premium membership is so valuable to our members.

Until next time, Keep generating EV!

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