“Ploppies: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”


Gamblers General Store Las VegasFor our story of the week this week, we’re going to share some of the “ploppy stories” from a Forum discussion thread. You can thank PokerPro04 for this thread.

*For those who don’t know, a ploppy is a gambler, and often an uninformed gambler making cringe-worthy playing decisions at the blackjack table. So here we go!*

  • So I just saw a ploppy stand on a hard 7 tonight, and got the idea for this post.
  • one that stands out was on a recent trip in tahoe—a guy who was betting black who claimed he was in the BJ tournament later on that evening, playing at a 2D, green table.  TC was at d2, was dealt a 6,4 vs dealer face.  he doubles down.  I walked away from that table.
  • I had a guy double 7 against a five but not 11 against dealer 10. He is actually a very close friend and this is why I won’t go near a casino with him. I just can’t be a part of him throwing money away thinking he is a winner.
  • How about the flock of ploppies. There will be a table sitting empty for hours, no one wanting to play. As soon as ONE person starts playing it, here they come! Full table.
  • The other night guy next to me doubled his hard 17 against a 10.  Got a 4.
    • That’s because he was counting each individual card and knew he had a 3% chance of drawing a 4.  Come on, Joe, you don’t do that?
  • Worst I’ve personally seen is someone double a pair of twos against a 7. Even the dealer was like “double, really?”
  • I saw a guy double hard 16 v 5 for $100. He busted. Then a few hands later he refused to double 11 v 6

Hopefully you cringed when you read each of these ploppy plays. Be smart out there, and if you have a great ploppy story, send it in to us or share it on the forum!