Ok, now I am starting to understand, why some veterans hate casinos so much.


by “cole11”

I’m still just an infant when it comes to counting cards, I 100% accept this as reality, which is one of the numerous reasons I love this site so much. However I’m very confident when I say I can’t even think of a deviation that tells you to double on a soft 14 against a 3. I just got done with a session, I was playing with my buddy, who loves to play blackjack, but just loves to casually play. We are leaving the table, and my buddy being the gambler he is goes ahead, and puts one more big bet out just for the heck of it. I had 0 problem with his decision, because he knows what he’s doing, he knows the chances are bad, but his bills are always paid so why not. My problem came when he was delt a soft 14 against a 3 with a cold deck. He’s not 100% sure what to do, so I tell him of course to hit. Then dealer steps in and tells him to double, I of course tell him he’s wrong, and this dude gets pissed accusing me of being some arrogant young kid. What happens, my buddy caves and doubles, and loses it all. I’m simply just trying to tell the dealer whats right, and he starts continuing with his fit. At this point the dealers switch, and of course I know it’s best at this point not to push it, so we leave. What pisses me off was even the pit boss said he was right. I get casinos are a buisness and need to make money too, but to be so arrogant, to give bad advice making it harder for the player. That should be illegal. I don’t think I’ve ever been more motivated to take the casinos money now.

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