“My First Time Out”


About a week into my BJA membership I remember reading a post of a newbies first time out and was so jealous b/c it felt like forever away for me. Fast forward 11 weeks and tonight was that night for me. I was excited all day long like the feeling you get on your first day of school in grade school, work dragged on obviously but after fighting traffic I made it to the tables.

Pretty mild night being a Wednesday had my choice of a seat at any of the 6 tables. Scouted at my surroundings, checked all the minimums, scanned each discard tray and waited at the fullest one. Practice back counting the last 2 decks as a warm up in my head. Sit down at a fresh shoe, every one thanks me kindly for waiting until a new shoe. count drops to a TC -1.5 the first deck and i politely excuse myself, no big deal being I hit 3 BJ’s from it. Go to the bathroom. Repeat the process 2 more times, same exact scenario.. Wow, I’m up 12 units in 10 hands, talk about an easy game HA!

After bouncing from pit to pit I finally got a shoe that stayed positive pretty much the entire time. The one following that got to a TC 7! I couldn’t believe it. Although variance was on my side this session which I’m grateful for. I’m actually more excited that I got to use 4 separate deviations on top of 2 for 3 correct insurance decisions. It’s funny how everyone at the table gets excited for your 3 blackjacks in a row and inside you could care less but when you double an A6 vs 2 and get a 5 only for the dealer to have 12 and bust by a face your going wild inside and everyone at the table says what a gambler you are… hahah.

You really don’t love this game more until you experience it for yourself. I know the monetary units I’m up for this one 3-hour session don’t matter much but what really matter is all the positive EV I felt myself getting. For the first time in my life I didn’t feel like I was gambling in the casino. what a high!

Oh yea I saw a fist fight at the table next to me too, can’t wait to see wait to see what the next 997 hours bring.