by “hail2pitt”

I was playing yesterday, and not really getting crushed, but as the count rose, the blackjacks fell to the other players while I’m getting 14-16 and busting all over the place. You know it’s bad when the ploppies at the table are pleading with the dealer to “deal this man a blackjack, will ya?” Well that all changed right at the end.

I was playing for a solid hour and a half and I had seen a couple hands at true 3’s and 4’s, but my max bet for this spread is at true 5. The plan was that once I hit a true 5 in a shoe, whether it was win or lose at the end, it was time to go to try and keep this casino in my arsenal. So I get to the last shoe and it starts off like all the others, hits a true 4 in 2 decks and I’m getting beat down like the red headed step child, but then the true 5 hits, and it’s go time, last shoe.

First hand at true 5 and I pull a BJ and 18, dealer flips a 17. My first big win of the night, but I’m still in the hole, so it’s time to keep going. I’d say I won 2-3 hands for every 1 hand the dealer won. It was going perfectly, my stack kept growing, BJ’s kept coming, and I won my insurance deviation, split my 10’s v. 6 and won with 13 and 14, and had a monster hand where I split 4’s twice, doubled on 1, and dealer busted to win all 4 hands (playing 2 spots).

In my head I’m just praying the cut card comes out, though this is probably the wrong train of thought, I didn’t want to give any back. Last hand I won by playing the 15 v 10 stand deviation as dealer flipped a 4 and busted.

Final total = +151 units

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